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For Startups
Startuply is here to do two things:

Help the right job seekers find you.
Make the whole team–building process as easy as possible.

We have a whole strategy to drive high quality, startup–type folks to you, and our product itself is definitely a part of that plan. Your company profile is one of the main angles of attack: sure, tell people about your mission and your products, but also about your team and what it's like to actually work at your startup. Job seekers want to know how big you are, how much funding you have, who your investors are, what your revenue picture looks like, what the office itself looks like (pictures!) and whether or not it's cool to wear sandals to work. You can share as much or as little as you like – every descriptor has a stealth option for all you super secretive operators – but we encourage you to open up as much as possible. We've tried to build a great opportunity for you to sell yourselves, so take advantage of it! more...

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For Job Seekers
We have two main goals for job seekers:

To help you learn as much as possible about growing startups so you can find where you fit best.
To make the job search process as fun and easy as possible.

One of the key additions we bring to the table is the company profile. Where a generic job description tells you diddly about the company itself, Startuply profiles provide an in–depth, behind the scenes look at startups who are hiring. Beyond mission statements and product overviews, don't you want to know how many people are on the team, how much funding they have (and from whom), what their revenue picture looks like, and what it's actually like to work there? We sure do. Check out photos, get to know where the office is, learn more about the team and the environment, and much more. more...

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Why Startuply?
We're passionate about startups.

How many situations exist in which a few smart people locked in a room can change the course of an industry – or the world? We don't exactly know, but we're sure there aren't many. We – all of us that are part of this startup industry, so to speak – are lucky enough to live at a crazy intersection of vision, capital, and appetite for risk. We're here to create great technologies and businesses that change the way we work and play. If you don't think you can shake things up with just a small team and a few people who believe in you, you're in the wrong business. For those of you that know this is where you're supposed to be, Startuply is here to help. more...

The Startuply Team
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