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DailyFeats   —  
Funding: 1M - 5M (USD) Funding Type: Angel
Employees: 15 Revenue: 250K-1M (USD)

The DailyFeats Mission

Our purpose is to make positive change part of everyday life. Together with our partners, DailyFeats offers a way for everyone and anyone to take action toward a better life and a better world. Successfully executing this mission brings significant value not only to our shareholders, but also to our members. We sustain our business by working with partners; helping people do good things is good for their business, and good for us.

Our vision is a world in which as many people as possible reach the maximum potential of their day, every day. We will strive to reach this vision by perpetually innovating new ways to incentivize and build positive habits. We practice conscious capitalism: aiming to create value in ways that benefit, and never jeopardize, society and the planet. These goals drive all our actions.

Our Products

It turns out that changing our lives for the better can be a lot of fun.

By taking small positive steps, one at a time, you can:

Reduce stress.
Save money.
Take better care of your family.
Lose weight.
Do more of whatever makes you happy.

The trick is motivation. Which is where we come in: DailyFeats is a place (and an app for your iPhone) where you get points, rewards (yes, real-life rewards that save you money, or that support nonprofits), and encouragement from friends for all your day-to-day accomplishments.

Our Team

As a collective, our Team operates collaboratively, openly, honestly, and with understanding. We take care of one another, both in professional and personal capacities, and we communicate freely. It is always acceptable for DailyFeats team members to express concerns or grievances with each other or the company, and those concerns will always be dealt with promptly.

At DailyFeats every voice is heard. No team member is ever excluded from debate and decision-making if they have something relevant to say. Status and titles are unimportant to us.

We believe in freedom to work. We expect our team members to independently find ways to meet all their work responsibilities quickly, thoroughly, accountably, and reliably.

We believe in initiative. Our team members should never wait around for instructions; if there's a problem to be solved, they should solve it, and they should always challenge themselves to make DailyFeats better.

We believe in analysis. Data and logic drive our decisi

Life at DailyFeats

We believe in well-being at work. Our office reflects our values. Therefore, at DailyFeats the essential ingredients of workplace well-being -- food, drinks, exercise, education, real work-free vacation time -- are perks that are not taken for granted. Team members get all the support they need to meet the demands of their jobs while maintaining health and work-life balance.

DailyFeats Locations

Name Address Employees
Headquarters 22 Pearl St, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA 15
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