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MyBuilder Ltd
Our office
Funding: Shhhh... Funding Type: Angel
Employees: 14 Revenue: Shhhh...

The MyBuilder Ltd Mission

We were founded by a tradesman. The purpose of MyBuilder is to help homeowners find the right tradesmen and to help tradesmen succeed. There is a passion for this mission that comes from working in the industry.

Our Team

We’re software engineers, digital marketing geeks, people who are good with people... people who used to be builders, artists, filmmakers, musicians, teachers… from all over the world who have come to one glorious city for opportunity, adventure... and a challenge.

We all have our weaknesses, shortcomings, annoying traits. But we also have our strengths, our beautiful, powerful strengths. The unique combination of skills and experiences that makes us, well, Us. At MyBuilder, we hire people for their strengths, not for a lack of weaknesses. That means we put up with each other, warts and all, so we can shine. It's not always easy, but it feels right.

MyBuilder Ltd Locations

Name Address Employees
Headquarters Clerkenwell, London, UK 14
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