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Database, Recommendations, Semantic Web, Web 2.0

Pikimal   —  
Funding: 1M - 5M (USD) Funding Type: Shhhh...
Employees: 9 Revenue: Less than 250K (USD)

The Pikimal Mission

The difficulty of well-informed shopping leads to damaging social impacts. Marketing takes advantage by simplifying the decision down to a few dimensions, identifying the features that "sell," and engineering increasingly becomes a division of marketing. It's gotten so bad that when we finally get our hands on a product that is the rare exception to this, a product lovingly built for users, it is easy to tell.

Pikimal helps you find those happy exceptions by bridging the sea of available data and allowing users to transparently rank choices according to what is most important to them. By pooling data, priorities, opinions, reviews, and images, users can find the product that best suits their individual needs and preferences, see what other people like them have preferred and why, and positively influence the decisions of other shoppers making the same decision.

Our Products

Picture this: you know it's time to buy that Gonkulator you've been thinking about. It will save you time, increase your productivity, and help you build better relationships. But there are new Gonkulators on the market every day- which one do you choose? You've seen a variety of advertisments on billboards and TV, Steve Jobs insists that the iGonk is revolutionizing the market, and your techie friend says to just buy the one with the most megawombats. All you want is the one that best suits your needs, so what do you do?

The internet certainly has the information you're looking for, if you spend the time. However, as often happens, by the time you've researched your product enough to figure out that you can't get a clear picture and large memory space for less than $300, you've sunk in two days' worth of time that you'll never get back, and now you're not even sure anymore if the Gonkulator was worth all the trouble. Making informed shopping decisions is time-consuming and difficult

Our Team

My name is Eric and I'm a former Peace Corps Volunteer, former McKinsey consultant, and two-time e-commerce executive. Pikimal is currently in the process of company formation based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We've secured enough funding to put together a team for a couple of years to see if people think that this is a better way to make decisions and share their knowledge. I'm joined by a brilliant team of technologists and marketers who are building upon our social mission.

Life at Pikimal

Our vision for Pikimal isn't just to help make the Internet and its copious data more friendly to humans. We aim to create a work environment that will make work, imagination, thinking, and meeting more friendly, too.

As this Piki Animal grows, we're focusing on building our business around a small group of people who care about Pikimal and are cared about in return. Each employee is intended to be a partner, intended to figure out their own path to greatest contribution, while taking shared responsibility for ethical treatment of our customers and providers, our profitability, each other, and ourselves. There will be common interfaces for support for all employees - virtual assistants, monies for out-sourcing tasks, and happy spaces to work and think.

Hours are flexible. Geography is flexible, too, giving employees the chance to re-locate. Your tools are the tools you choose. You don't need to have a meeting to do something and are a partner in the decisions that impact your work. C

Pikimal Locations

Name Address Employees
Headquarters 700 River Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA 9
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