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FundingLess than 250K USD
IndustryMobile, Consumer, Discovery, E-commerce, Recommendations
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Award Winning Mobile Startup Seeks CTO/Hacker/Co-Founder

at Kahnoodle in Shhhh...   —   Jun 29, 2014   |  
Our mobile app company was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine for being one of 100 Brilliant Companies of 2012 and has been admitted into a top accelerator program. Our product provides a solution to "date night" monotony and allows couples to gamify their relationship and "keep the spark alive." On average, couples spend $9 billion a month on date nights. We aim to influence and optimize this spend – a $43M revenue opportunity by year four. Our initial product is built. Sign ups for the app are growing at 60% month over month. We have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Washington Post,, The Globe, TheNextWeb, Forbes and many others.

The current founder is a Harvard MBA. We are looking to expand our team so that we can harness the excitement and traction we have garnered to date more rapidly. We are in the midst of launching a new product and it is a great time to add team members as they will have ownership and input into the product vision from day one. We've done a lot of heavy lifting and customer development to date to validate and de-risk the business and are mainly looking for down to earth, driven, and wicked smart developers to contribute to the success of the business. Up for the challenge? Drop us a line.

We are looking for a CTO who can dedicate a serious commitment to this project. Location is flexible but preferably - NYC, Bay Area, Boston or elsewhere in the Northeast with relocation required after seed round of funding is secured.
The IDEAL candidate is either a iOS Engineer or a Front End or Backend Ruby Developer.
iOS Engineer Requirements: Must Have:
Show us that you’ve built, shipped and refined high quality apps for iPhone, Android and/or other platforms.
You’ve created dynamic apps and know how to create a seamless conversation between client and server via RESTful APIs.
Your code is logical, streamlined and elegant.
You’ve demonstrated that you can manage finite resources well: Memory, battery life, data usage and users’ patience.
Bonus Points For: You can develop for more than one platform — or aren’t afraid to try — and create apps that look and feel native to each.
You can create your own visual UI assets that look and feel like native controls.
You’re not afraid to tackle the complexities of location-based app development head on, such as working with large data sets, targeting information based on context and location, tastefully putting push notifications to use.
You’re attentive to metrics and user needs and can measure the impact of design decisions.
You can balance user requests with the bigger vision for the product.
Ruby Developer Requirements: Must Have:
Show us that you’ve built, tested, optimized and scaled Ruby (on and off Rails) applications and web services that are a delight to use in every way: Fast, straightforward, elegant and powerful.
You’re not afraid of RESTful JSON APIs, Google Maps API, HAML/SASS, MySQL, Memcache, DJ, Redis, Sphinx, OAuth, Git and test-driven development.
You’ve integrated with external services and platforms, especially Facebook, and are curious about how to put these integrations to use in clever ways.
You realize there's a time for being lean, agile and user-centered, but also a time for trusting your intuition, vision and heart.
You have experience with other languages and frameworks and have even developed for platforms like iPhone, Android, and Facebook.
Equity to start. Competitive Salary + Bonus to follow.
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