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Brilliant Developer

at Top Hat in Ste 1317   —   Jul 19, 2014   |  
Does doin’ your thing in Django take you to your happy place? Does coding in JavaScript feel better than Christmas morning? Does programming in JavaScript bring you more satisfaction than rainbows and puppies combined? Read on, you Maniac Hack. Read on.
You will be working on our flagship classroom interaction software infrastructure. We are still a small team so you will get the opportunity to wear many hats, or specialize based on your particular interests. Your work will touch hundreds of thousands of paying customers, and you will get to ship code on a weekly basis (assuming it passes our automated testing suite.)
We have a pretty sophisticated product and some really cool problems to work on:
implement and iterate on backend web application architectures
ptimize backend services and deployment
work with cutting edge technologies such as Node.js, RabbitMQ and MongoDB
We're looking for a back-end developer to help scale our backend systems from hundreds of thousands of users to millions.
There are three key things that we look for:
You need to be very smart and able to learn quickly.
You need to have at least a few years of back-end development experience (through work or personal projects.)
You need to be able to architect robust, maintainable systems, not just hack together code for one-off projects.
You will be will be working a variety of projects relating to our flagship web application. These will include back-end MVC web application development, analytics monitoring and reporting, optimization, and developing REST APIs. You'll be working closely with our front-end team to build out new functionality and meet performance and scaling objectives.
Our client side app is built on a fairly sophisticated JavaScript framework and makes use of JQuery, backbone.js and all the usual suspects. The server side is written in Python on Django, with a MySQL database. In addition we use Node.js and SockJS for our real time components. Our systems all run on Amazon web services.
You should be comfortable with most of the following:
Django and Python
Server-side MVC web applications
Deployment of Django and/or Node.js applications
Automated unit and integration testing
We think the best sign of a good developer is interesting projects they've done on their own time, not just things they were assigned by their boss or in university. So please showcase any cool side projects, open source contributions or community involvement.
The compensation for developers is $70-100k/year + stock options depending on experience and track record. If you're fresh out of school with <3 years experience you'd likely be in the $70-80k range, whereas if you've got 3+ years experience you'd likely be in the $80-100k range. Of course we make exceptions for exceptional developers.
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