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IndustrySocial Networking, Financial Services
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Business Lending Startup $100k +

at InvestP2P in San Diego, CA   —   Apr 09, 2014   |  
Hello, We are and we are Re-Inventing financing to Small & Startup Companies because:

1) American Entrepreneurs need our help - Banks have stopped lending to them and this has stalled job growth.
2) Obtaining Seed Financing has always been too painful and its been hurting American Innovation for way too long.
3) Individual Investors are getting paltry returns from banks - we believe by lending directly to startups, Investors can earn Much, Much More.

There is a huge opportunity in the Peer to Peer Lending space. The P2P Lending market is currently over $100 million in loan originations and is projected to grow to $9 billion by 2013.

Our mission is to help our customers and employees make lots of money.

My brother, (a Bank VP and Veteran Stock Broker), and myself, (a Veteran Software Developer), along with our Kick-Ass Dev Team, have put together a web appplication that allows individuals to pool their small investments into larger loans to startups.

We are moments away from launch and are currently hiring sales reps who will call upon Corporate America with a unique opportunity to help Right Our Country. We are offering Established Companies the chance to add matching funds to the loans our community of individual investors make to startup businesses. In exchange, Corp Sponsors will get:

1. prominent ad placement on our site,
2. a badge of honor insignia for their own site and
3. goodwill issued to the American Public by being
recognized for:

2. Helping innovative American companies get started
3. which in turn restarts the American Job Engine - and fixes our economy.

After all, we're all customers of the large corporations in the end anyway. And if they don't help, they're just hurting themselves.

We will be running press-releases surrounding our Campaign to Right America and corporate sponsors are sure to benefit.

What does this mean for you?
As an IP2P Corporate Match Sales Rep, your earnings are unlimited and your hours are totally up to you. Work from wherever you want and earn up to 10% of the raise you bring in on all Corporate-Match, Give-Back Contributions. Plus, Feel Great about what you are doing! America needs you.

We are seeking self-motivated contractors for this exciting, commission-only opportunity, where there is no ceiling on your income potential.

Check out this neat widget our lenders get to add to their blogs...

And check out these cool Badges our Corp Match Sponsors get to tout on their sites...

Here's our Corp Match Landing Page...

To create a great future for yourself and your country, please email a pdf resume/cover to today.
calling on corporate america to do the right thing
no experience necessary
calling on corporate america to do the right thing
unlimited commission-only up to 10% of raise
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