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CEO of Corporate programs division - revenue sharing

at PhysioEmoDynamics Institute in Los Gatos, CA   —   Jun 23, 2014   |  
Looking for an executive that strives to make a difference in the corporate world.
It's an excellent opportunity for those that are passionate about transformational work.
It is also a ground floor opportunity with excellent earning potential.

Must have outstanding networking and business development skills, track record in partner programs development and execution, and be able to build a high performing sales team that will work on revenue sharing.

Some of our programs:

Organizational cohesion is our specialty.
We build truly cohesive teams.

Team cohesion is a dynamic process that is reflected in the affinity of a group to remain united in the pursuit of its goals and objectives.

Proximity, close personal contact between team members that facilitates interaction is the major component of team cohesiveness, and our trainers dedicate their life to address challenges of individual and social dimensions of team cohesion with Emotional Fitness for individuals and groups, as we believe that the outcome effects not only individual teams, but well being of nations.

There are three layers within team cohesiveness that must be considered:

- A task layer which reflects a team’s ability to work together to achieve a goal of your organization.
- A social layer which reflects the degree to which team members like each others’ presence and willing to engage in interactions.
- An individual layer which reflects the degree to which team member accept and understand himself and degree to which he is able to manage his own emotional states.

While many teambuilders focus on a task layer, and few on social layer, TeamWork Go! focuses on what only very few touch – individual and social layers combined.

When each single individual has healthy relationships with himself and the others, such society can not know violence and mistreat.

We are committed to make a difference in lives of your employees, in your organization, and beyond.
Generous revenue sharing
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