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at nFlick Pte. Ltd. in Singapore 139951   —   Jul 12, 2014   |  
We are launching a next generation mobile app for travelers. We are a team of talented, young professionals extremely passionate about changing the way people travel. We are on beta and will launch in March 2012 and will progress to 47 cities worldwide within a year.

We are looking for a restless technology geek with entrepreneurial spirit, to launch and build a start-up company that is determined to change the way people travel. You already work hard/play hard kind of a guy who is willing to take this initiative in India. This would not be your first Rodeo! More concisely, you have already experienced start-up jerks and highs. You’re 100% focused on working at one company, one venture, both feet in ... part time mindsets not invited.
You must bring exceptional architectural/technical chops to the table with regard to anything that is browser-based, mobile apps centric, and highly scalable
Since you’re a seasoned techie with startups in your review mirror, you already know exactly what your role is. Enough said!
You must have built products through the entire development cycle
All round understanding of user experience across multiple platforms
Extensive experience in PHP programming, DB Optimization, JS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS,:
Implementing designs across multiple (mobile/web) platforms and browsers
Programming in PHP - build websites, write programming logic, knows how tyo handle sessions, cookies etc..
MySQL: Build basic table structure and DB optimization (Indexes, MySQL Engine.)
JS: Should be able to write top-notch JS using jQuery, preferably in OO JS. Should know how AJAX works and is at least proficient with basics of cross domain issues etc.
Comfortable with working in a Linux Environment: permissions, structure of files, tailing logs, grepping etc.
CSS: Be able to play around with CSS and understanding of CSS classes etc.
Working with a third party API (FB, Twitter etc) - Understanding of JSON, XML, REST and can put together JS, PHP code to talk to these.
Configuring an apache/nginx server.
Engineering Graduate in Computer Science
We are looking for a partner to share success. This is a equity only offer
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