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Campus Manager (Business Development, Recruitment, Operations, Admissions)

at The Flatiron School in New York, NY   —   Jul 01, 2014   |  
This is a very entrepreneurial position as you would literally be helping us build this school from the ground-up. As such, we're not nearly as concerned with your pedigree as we are with your unmatched ability to get s*#! done. That means you're smart, driven, highly independent, and very organized. You accept feedback but know how to push the boundaries in order to impact change. You're as comfortable making key strategic decisions as you are assembling IKEA furniture.

As Campus Manager, you will be the backbone of The Flatiron School. You will masterfully keep track of all of the details that keep our school running day-to-day, while working on admitting new students, managing relationships with our partner companies and assisting with marketing efforts. Along the way, you'll be helping to create a new system of education that is accountable for giving people the skills they actually need to do great things.
Admissions: Manage a pipeline of incoming applications, schedule/conduct interviews of prospective students, and help set-up a scalable admissions process.
Career Services and Recruitment: Research companies for potential partnerships to recruit our students, meet and build partnerships with companies, and coordinate career days & interview sessions.
Community Management: Maintain the school blog, manage the social media presence, respond to PR inquiries, and outline new marketing initiatives as needed.
Operations: Maintain the physical office space including ordering food/materials, plan events (outings, holiday parties, etc. . .), coordinate with guest lecturers, manage accounting, and build processes to improve the program on ongoing basis.
Be Independent. We're growing fast and don't have a lot of time to give directions. Your ability to recognize what needs to get done, prioritize, and execute is absolutely critical.
Bring the Fun. We like to work hard and play hard. Our students will be putting in long hours and it's important that we help them find time to let loose, relax, bond, and recharge.
Build Relationships. You will be meeting with a very diverse group of people, from hiring managers interested in recruiting our students, to leading technology professionals who are interested in giving guest lectures.
Write. You'll be representing us on our blog, via email, and in printed materials. We're sticklers for grammar.
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