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IndustryMobile, Consumer, E-commerce, Advertising
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Co-Founder/CTO – Work with 2 Seasoned Entrepreneurs

at HulkMedia in UK   —   Apr 03, 2014   |  
About us
• 8 years experience of online marketing and Tech startups.

• Super connected – Huge network of Angel Investors and VC’s in London, the Valley and Asia.

• Likeable, Workaholic and Passionate entrepreneurs.

About the idea
• We are creating an online trading platform for media buying (banner, mobile and video advertising). Currently $7bn is spent every year on media buying and this is expected to be $200bn in 10 years time. (Last year it grew at 300%).

—> We are tapping into a huge market and there is a huge demand for our platform.

• A user can come onto our platform and will be able to buy media advertising on 95% of the internet including everything owned by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook etc

Product progress
• The actual trading platform has been developed however we need someone to create a front end and back end user interface that will interact with it.

• I have already drawn out the wireframe and exact functionalities we need on the user interface.

• This will take you 2-3 months full time to create.

Marketing Progress
• We already have some partners lined up ready to promote our platform, including a leading marketing company with potentially 120k clients for us. (If we convert 1%, that will lead to approx $700k profit).

• We ALREADY personally know some very big users and they want to test our platform. If they like our platform, it would give us potential revenues of $3m ($350k profit).

• I have already spoken to angel investors who are keen to invest as you would expect but if we create the product, our valuation will be 10 times higher.
What are we looking for?
We are looking for a kick-arse technical co-founder to help develop the front end and back end User Interface.
The back end part can be done in PHP or Java but our preference would be Java, where you will be developing with java applications like Jetty and Tomcat.
You need to be skilled in postgreql or mysql as you will be designing the database structure and you will be setting up the high availability systems for the database and application server.
You will have experience in maintaining Linux based servers and also able to develop within a Linux environment.
The interface requires experience in web design + javascript, CSS, html/html5, javascript frameworks like jquery or EXTjs, AJAX applications.
We are London based and we can move to the US once funded or we can have the HQ in London. We are flexible.
You’ve created great products before and know you are one of the best programmers
You actually want to own something and be part of something you have created.
We can see some technical UI’s you have created.
You are ready to work bloody hard for 2-3 months and you can start tomorrow.
please see above
please see above
as long as you can do the job...
• Sizable Equity and co-founder of the company.

• You are joining 2-3 months before we launch.

• Very competitive salary once funded (this will be in 2 months time)
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