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FundingLess than 250K USD
Salary1,000/MO USD
IndustryVideo, Advertising, Communications, Financial Services
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Co-Founder, The Pitching Well

at The Pitching Well in Manhattan, NY   —   Jul 01, 2014   |  
We are looking for a co-founder.

Other elements: the ideal candidate can be any age, even a teenager. No college degree is required. Far more important is the applicant’s drive and willingness to work long and hard hours to make a vision come alive.
Mildly interested candidates should send a resume to
Moderately interested candidates should send a resume and a letter giving an analysis of our site and business summary to
Intensely interested candidates should send a resume, a letter giving an analysis of our site and business summary, and send a link to a video of yourself on YouTube expressing your interest in this position and calling and bugging me incessantly. 212-764-4955.
Location: This is not a virtual position. This successful candidate must be willing to work out of The Pitching Well’s midtown Manhattan TV Studio.

The Pitching Well – One page Executive Summary
What we are: A Community for C-level Executives Presenting to Investors
Key distinguishing elements: 1. A monthly live, in-person networking/elevator pitch event. 2. A monthly live and virtual pitching conference. 3. A weekly one-hour TV show. 4. Monthly financial presentation training webinars/live in-person workshops. 5. A 24/7 TV network
Other features: 1. live stream videos of financial conferences featuring pitches, by sector. 2. On-demand video of financial pitches. 3. Website with news blog. 4. Daily and weekly newsletter
Editorial focus for blog: 1. Aggregating and curating hard news that relates directly to financial pitching. 2. New about pitch contests and winners of pitch contests. 3. Links to stories of someone who raises a lot of money and then linking to video of that person speaking. 4. Video interviews where entrepreneurs give their best pitch 5. Video interviews where investors talk about what they liked in great pitches 6. Full length TV shows 7. Archive videos from MTW. 8. Once a day rotating video from youtube, best speaker of week from 5 categories: elevator pitch, venture capital, angel, startup company, and entrepreneur. 9. Video presentation tip of day from TJ
Key elements of website: 1. Elevator Pitch room. 2. Membership section. 3. Directory of pitching events. 4. Directory of useful resources. 5. Directory of relevant media. 6. Reporter/interns doing lots of video interviews at NYC financial conferences.
Benefits to partners (organizations and conferences that have people giving pitch presentations): 1. Promotion of themselves. 2. Getting a much larger audience for their event. 3. Have a larger audience to sell to their sponsors and therefore being able to charge more. 4. Having their live video streamed to our audience via our live channel (we don’t do actual on-site production). 5. Extra distribution for their videos on demand. 6. Capability to add video ads and video overlay ads for their sponsors via revenue split w PW. 7. Provide video interview distribution of all vendors and exhibitors. 8 Distribution of all video interviews across all social media platforms. 9. Distribution to all social media platforms to a guaranteed large audience. 10. We become the MEDIA partner for the event.
Benefits to sponsors: 1. Face to face connections with the community at our live events. 2. Ad placement in front of the communities they care about in relevant videos. 3. Social media placement with content they care about. 4. Time and money savings associated with making one buy that hits dozens/hundreds of conferences they care about.
Additional key concepts 1. We try to do as little video production as possible. 2. We are positioned as the C-SPAN and the New York Times of the financial pitch presentation world. 3. We want to get a monopoly of eyeballs and community for investors and c-level people asking for investments. 4. We constantly leverage bigger audiences to conference partners. And we leverage more conferences and key audiences to sponsors. 5. Partners w
A strong interest in startups, entrepreneurialism, public speaking and finance.
An intense interest level in social media, as well as a significant presence in all major social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc.
Strong organizational skills. Must have a proven record of organizing people to come to events (even if they are just social events).
Strong web skills. The person does not have to be a programmer, but does need to be comfortable laying out web pages and adding blog posts. An existing blog with a fervent following is a major plus.
Willingness to work long hours.
Leadership skills. The ideal applicant can recruit and organize teams of volunteer interns.
Extreme self-starting skills. This person needs to be able to initiate and complete numerous tasks with little or no supervision.
Should have strong social media skills, blogging experience and ability to organize events in the real world.
social media
event organizing
not relevant
double digit equity plus $250/wk
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