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Co-Founder Wanted - Startup Minded PHP/MySQL/jQuery Ninja

at Bitmain Studios Inc in Canada   —   Jul 03, 2014   |  
Miguel - Founder

My name is Miguel and I am the founder of Bitmain Studios Inc. (

I have been working independently for about a year an a half mostly developing Pointkit (a slick project collaboration tool -> day and night.

I really want Bitmain to grow and be able to produce more and better products and for that I need help.

Bitmain is a small startup and therefore there are many things to do besides coding.
The ideal candidate would be a “start-up” minded person, a hackepreneur if you will, someone with an amazing work ethic, with excellent troubleshooting skills and fun to be around with.

You would become a co-founder which in the start up world is the equivalent of “my wife” in the humanoid world.

Also, in the human world you and me would be rising a child, in the startup world we are rising a company.

The analogy is not that far fetched since a great number of the requirements and challenges of rising a child apply equally to building a company.
Being smart is only half of the game here, we have to get along like only life long friends do. This is extremely important because trust between each other has to be absolute.

Our baby needs a lot of care and nurturing and its totally dependent on us to survive.

If you happen to be looking to join a startup in the Vancouver area and would like to be part of Bitmain and toy with the idea of joining me in a great journey full of uncertainty, excitement, new experiences and many peanut butter sandwiches (and you meet the technical requirements outlined below), please get in contact with me.

But before you do make sure you read at the following articles in case you are not sure what being a co-founder really entitles:

If you think you have the entrepreneurial genetic flaw and want to give Bitmain a try, send me your resume and also make sure to explain in a few sentences:

1. Why do you want to work at Bitmain as a co-founder?
2. Describe a situation in your work-life where you failed.
3. Describe a time when you accomplished something you thought was impossible. (Can be work-related or personal)
(Credit for this approach goes to Jason Cohen)

I know this is a pain to do but your answers will add the personal touch I need to have a better idea of your personality.
Also, it makes my life a lot easier when weeding through resumes since most won’t have that and will be discarded immediately.

Talking about personality, if you really want I encourage you to make a 1min video of yourself on YouTube and send me a private link created with
(Credit to this idea goes to YCombinator).
As is only fair, here is more about me and just for fun here a video of me saving the world here ->
And now with the typical and boring burocrapic job description:
PHP/MySQL: 5+years
Web Development
jQuery or other Ajax Libraries
Full understanding or project lifecycle
Must have the entrepreneurial genetic flaw and thrive under uncertainty.
Knows what Hacker News is and posts insightful, non-trollic links and replies there.
Has heard of Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, Eric Ries, Dharmesh Sha, Paul Graham, Kevin Rose, Biz Stone, Jessica Livingston
Has listened to at least 3 entire podcasts from the Standford University Entrepreneurial Corner
Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail.
Excellent troubleshooting skills.
Self-managed and hands-on.
Excellent organizational, planning and time management skills.
Excellent interpersonal skills and effective communicator.
Post-secondary diploma or degree in computer science, engineering, or equivalency with a minimum of 3+ years experience in development.
Company Equity
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