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Coffeehouse pin-up marketer, old school marketing

at Evidence-Based, Inc in Irvine, CA   —   Jul 09, 2014   |  
No no no, not looking for a pin-up model, smile. Because of the hidden nature of abuse, those that are abused are hard to reach. There is no common magazine, internet haunt, or extra special place those who would hire us can be found. For this reason we are trying a pin-up campaign. Pin-up signs would go up in the changing rooms in dress stores, at coffee houses, in bathroom stalls, in the wait areas for dance lessons, hockey lessons, etc
We provide the ad campaign (and we will change it of you have some ideas) and you go to location after location, get permission and hang up the pin-up signs in very specific locations. If you want to go above and beyond that, we are happy to discuss and test out your ideas.
Happy warm communication skills
The desire to help others
Boundless energy
The willingness to go shop to shop to put up signs.
None required
$300 for each new client who signs a contract and pays the retainer. For that reason, if you have a new and different idea and want to bet on it, we will do our best to support you. This is a work as many hours as you want sort of job since it is commission based. IF you either come up with a better way to land new clients that works or if you are kicking bum and taking names with our half-baked plan, full time salaried work would be a serious conversation.
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