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Community Management/PR2.0 Internship with Chicago Tech-Startup!

at Branserv in Lake Zurich, IL   —   Jul 14, 2014   |  
We believe that the only way to truly connect with our clients/partners is to live where they live, eat what they eat, struggle the same struggles …and go to the same parties, too. We want to read all of the blogs that matter to them, participate in all of the forums where they have meaningful discussions and contribute to the dialogue via our blog and Twitter.

The community management intern will be trained to use social media, traditional PR and good-ol’ common sense to spread the word about our young company and build important relationships for that will propel our company’s growth. This person will also serve as the community/client advocate inside the company and will play a meaningful role in shaping our strategy and direction.

This position reports directly to the VP. Marketing/Strategy.

****About You****

As the Community Management Intern, you must be a digital native. You grew up using AIM, you sign up for forums when you decide to pursue a new hobby, and you eat/live/breath Facebook, SMS, and Twitter. We are counting on you to be an evangelist for our company and a representative to our community, so the more accustomed you are to these ideas the better.

If the following describes you, you are our ideal candidate:
• You have a sense of humor, enjoy interacting with people and radiate a positive vibe.
• You have outstanding writing skills (bonus points for being able to adapt to different mediums).
• You communicate intelligently without sounding like a snob or an encyclopedia.
• You have experience blogging, twittering, and using forums, and you have profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook.
• You’re excited about doing meaningful work for a technology startup.
• You’re motivated by the prospect of being challenged and making a substantial impact.
• You’re not necessarily a developer, but someone who is sufficiently knowledgeable in software to communicate with developers.
• You are comfortable embracing the word “nerd” as a term of endearment.
• You are currently studying or a recent grad of entrepreneurship, marketing, journalism, PR, new media, informatics, computer science, etc.
• You are passionate about technology and entrepreneurship and study them in your free time.
• You have some experience with web technologies including html, css, php, Wordpress, etc.
• You are organized and don’t need babysitting to get things done.
• You realize that roadblocks are only a luxury for the unsuccessful.
• You are hungry.

In reality, we don’t expect you to meet every one of these criteria, but please feel free to impress us and let us know why you’re awesome enough for this internship.
This is an unpaid internship. The true benefits of this position are a ton of meaningful experience and results to show for your work. Also, as the community management intern of an aggressive startup, you will expand your network with meaningful connections and strengthen your personal brand and employability afterwards. Likewise, if you make a valuable contribution, we will certainly vouch for you.
Have no doubt, an intern that proves him/herself sufficiently valuable to our company will inevitably secure a paid, full-time position as we grow.


• Work for a real, aggressive, technology startup with resources
• Flexible hours
• Fiercely casual dress code
• No glorified coffee-gopher busy work
• Full support of work-study programs
• Letter of recommendation
• Substantial autonomy and support of intrepreneurial behavior

****How to Apply****

At the very minimum, send us a resume, cover letter and writing sample.
However, since this is a bare minimum, we strongly advise that you do better than this. Don’t shortchange yourself.

These kinds of positions are highly competitive, so if you want to stand out, show us the unique successes you’ve had, send us your irresistible blog, make videos, etc. We need someone who can present our company in a remarkable way to our community, so you should present yourself in a remarkable way to us.

For some thoughts on being a remarkable team member, read this article by Seth Godin, (Note: we’d still prefer to see a resume, but if you have the guts to forego it in favor of something more effective, go right ahead).

Please send all applications to
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