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Crazy Co-founder wanted.

at The Coaching Collective in Richmond, VA   —   Jul 04, 2014   |  
My ideal: you love the Oprah magazine, British satire, and have always dreamed of creating something that verged on AI. You want to use technology to make the world a better place and love tracking your own personal development goals. You see things in terms of systems and intuitively get how they interact. You are a rockstar coder, not afraid to admit what you don't know, and enjoy working in teams. You get excited about the possibility of making business and life coaching scalable. You know who Tony Robbins is. (yeah, even he couldn't do it successfully.)

the run down: I am mostly self-funded and have one investor. We have some cash but not tons. Looking at paying for the coding right now, but how much more fun would it be to have a real partner in crime on this project? Someone with ideas for sure, and execution most definitely.

Party time!!!

This will be a part time gig (I work on my other business on a full time-ish basis too- that's what funds this baby) until it requires more input.
work with me (Lauren) to create the CMS and database driven
take wireframes and create information architecture
iterate as feedback comes in
versee creation of mobile apps
participate in the creative process of features/functionality
tell me when something is not feasible/cost effective/
successful, functioning examples of work
could be freelance/in house/agency work
CRM integration
combo of hourly plus equity (TBD)
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