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Creative Director

at Normal in NY   —   Jun 24, 2014   |  
Henry Ford would have shot his brains out if he’d ever attempted to standardize these weird little flaps of flesh.

The cartilaginous collectors of sound and repositories of wax are the rocky shoals upon which many a captain of industry have landed.

And with good reason. Every ear is different. But has been treated the same.

It’s why most of what you see in the marketplace is essentially an admission of failure from manufacturers who have tried and failed to crack the earhole.

To us, putting a mediocre one-size-fits-all product into the intimate and one-of-a-kind spaces on either side of our our heads is no longer acceptable.

There’s probably someone else in the world who looks like you, has the same name and the same weird fetish for hairy Scottish men, but we guarantee if we stuck a finger in their ear, it would be completely unique.

So we did what any insensible person would do, we figured out something that won’t work for anyone else but you...

Normal is an entirely new kind of headphones- built by leveraging the latest advancements in internet, mobile technology & manufacturing.

We’ll tell you more in person.

Normal is looking for a Creative Director to partner with the CEO to drive all aspects of Normal’s look & feel: product, mobile app, branding, marketing and more!
Normal is looking for a Creative Director to partner with the CEO to drive all aspects of Normal’s look & feel: product, mobile app, branding, marketing and more!
Build Normal’s Branding & Marketing strategy. This will involve managing outside firms that Normal partners with. You will be working across digital, social, promotion, events, public relations, direct.
Create the Normal brand voice. Start conversations that engage our audience. Ensure customers and followers get hooked on Normal and become advocates.
Manage all things a customer sees & feels: product, packaging, marketing, branding, stunts, creative, and more.
Oversee a team of internal and external industrial designers, sound engineers, and mechanical engineers.
Manage the industrial design / research / mechanical engineering research and process necessary to bring Normal ears to market
Partner with Normal’s CEO to make key company decisions and drive growth.
Build a team and product from scratch, on time and at the best quality.
You have a strong, broad understanding of brand and consumer. You have made a meaningful contribution to several well known brands.
You are passionate about design and customer experience.
You understand industrial design and mechanical engineering. You feel comfortable overseeing these (and other) creatives.
You are super excited to join a startup that will disrupt the headphone industry.
You may be an audiophile!
You are an awesome, strategic thinker and marketer.
You have experience marketing and launching well known consumer brands/goods.
You can not wait to dive right into any problem.
You have strong attention to detail and are a self-starter.
You have a passion for building and innovating and doing so quickly.
You are a risk taker.
Maybe you have been a Creative Director before? Or Maybe you have been a lead designer and managed a team and are ready to take your first Creative Director position!
competitive salary & stock options!

To apply: please write a custom cover letter addressed to me, Nikki, telling me why you want this job and why we should hire you. Please include a portfolio! Apply here:
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