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Digital Photographer / Digital Videographer Intern

at Watch Foodie Network in Irving, TX   —   Jul 17, 2014   |  
This internship is geared towards someone already completely immersed in the food culture. They're addicted to food-related TV shows and related media. They want to know everything about food, both the best and the ordinary, from its health and nutritional benefits, to the science, industry, politics and celebrity personalities surrounding food.

Since Watch Foodie Network business services will soon also encompass both domestic and international culinary tourism, which we will document by video, the intern should also share an equal penchant for travel. As with food, they're addicted to travel-related TV shows, travel magazines, and related media. They understand that the joy of food and the delight of travel arise from the same impulse: the need to satiate a sensory desire. Travel and food are inextricably intertwined. When we travel, food inevitably becomes one of our prime fascinations and our passport to another world.

Our objective is for Watch Foodie Network to be the go-to resource for travelers and foodies alike when they want to delve deeper into their favorite cuisine or prospective travel destination.

The intern will work primarily with the CEO/Creative Director to produce, direct, shoot and edit video packages with or without on-camera talent as requested by our clients. Projects include 30-60 seconds web commercials that are either live-action, photomotion, or a combination of both, and "How-to" instructional cooking videos that run 3-5 minutes long.

In most cases, handheld camera work will be perfectly adequate, and the lower production values add to the authenticity. Restaurants are places where people go to laugh, have fun and enjoy the simple pleasure of human conversation. We will try to reflect this in our videos by keeping things light and friendly. There will usually be some interaction between the person being filmed and the camera person or an interviewer/presenter. In other instances, there may be off-the-cuff interviews with regulars encouraging them to share their favorite menu items, videos of special events, interviews with kitchen staff and videos of cookery classes in action. In any event, the videos won't be bland. There's an enormous amount of room for fun, creativity and innovation.

Upon successful completion of this internship, you will be able to independently develop a video project from concept through production to posting on the web, as well as know how to monetize your videos and optimize them for video search engines. A certain degree of creativity and latitude is required, as well as a strong eye for aesthetics and composition.

At the end of this internship, you will be considered for a paid full-time position as our Video Director on the fast-track to Video Producer, Executive Producer, VP and ultimately a partner.
Assist with the pre-production planning and scheduling of video shoots for web commercials and videos for assigned clients, as well as the food-related Web series (4 episodes per semester) to be co-produced between you and the social media specialist on your team.
Using our Video Shoot Questionnaire, collaborate with the content/copywriter and/or social media specialist on your team in developing a "script" for your assigned clients' web commercials and videos.
Obtain the appropriate release forms.
Make technical and creative decisions regarding such elements as appropriate lighting, shooting angle, composition and framing, type of microphone, audio needs, locations, use of movement and interviews.
Edit and assemble final visual/audio program material; collaborate with the graphic web designer on your team for post-production graphics.
Ensure consistency and relevancy to production.
Monitor technical quality of end product.
Assist with the processing of the web commercials and digital videos for Internet distribution; collaborate with the SEO specialist on your team to video search engine optimize and monetize your Web TV show and clients' web videos.
Assist with coordinating photo shoots with the Head Chef for their online menu, website graphics and/or web commercials.
Make technical and creative decisions regarding such elements as appropriate lighting, shooting angle, and composition for food photography.
Organize and manage our YouTube channel, as well as those of our clients who request this service.
Must have video production and editing experience, even if only academic.
Experience using a HD Camcorder with Still Image Capture and/or a HD Video-capable DSLR camera.
Experience with video-editing software, such as Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Abode Premier, etc.
Experience with web-based video distribution tools (ie. YouTube, Vimeo, Blip, Facebook, etc.)
Strong knowledge and experience in Adobe Photoshop or other photo editing platform and the ability to re-touch photography, color correct, manipulate images, etc.
Understand how to monetize videos through Google AdWords for video and other third-party ad-servers/networks.
Have reliable transportation.
Applicants should include links to their body of work (i.e. web videos, web commercials, online photo galleries, etc.) with their resume and cover letter.
Own either a HD Camcorder with Still Image Capture and accompanying off-camera mics (hand-held, lapel, wireless, etc.) or a HD Video-capable DSLR camera with fast autofocus during video recording (i.e. has fast, smooth, continuous autofocus) and accompanying off-camera mics (hand-held, lapel, wireless, camera-mounted, etc.). Because of the superior ability to shoot high-quality still photos, the DSLR is the preferred option.
Own a basic portable lighting kit.
Own a 5-in-1 foldable photography lighting reflector kit.
Own a portable chroma blue and green screens.
Own a portable table top studio kit for product photography (i.e. restaurant menu items).
Specific vision abilities required by this job include: Close Vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less); Distance Vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more); Color Vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors); Depth Perception (three-dimensional vision, ability to judge distances and spatial relationships); and ability to Adjust Focus (ability to adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus).
While performing the duties of this job, the intern is regularly required to stand, stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl, and reach with hands and arms.
While performing the duties of this job, the intern must occasionally lift and/or move up to 25 pounds in camera, sound, and lighting equipment.
Must be pursuing a degree in Film, Film Production or Videography. Must have at least a Junior class standing/ranking with a minimum 3.0GPA/4.0 scale. Recent college graduates are also welcome to apply.
This intern position is unpaid. As a perk, however, you will be able to sample a wide variety of incredible cuisine for free while working on location.

We must emphasize here that we place equal value upon each candidate's talents and skills as we do upon their entrepreneurial proclivity. This ensures our ability to award our interns a profit sharing bonus in the form of a gratuity (or "college grant") at the end of each semester.

We value all of our interns and will make sure you receive a learning experience that not only fits your career goals, but generates credible references and job recommendations in your respective industry.
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