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Director of Business Development, B2B - $180K+, comission based

at International Institute of Transformational Arts in San Jose, CA   —   Jul 03, 2014   |  
The International Institute for Transformational Arts is looking for an entrepreneurial Director of Business Development to join the team of transformational artists and bring our innovative programs to startups and the corporate world.

Compensation: $180,000, if revenue quota is met.

The position reports to FOUNDERS:

You’ll share energy and be inspired by a unique husband and wife team, transformational artists whose charisma and compassion illuminate lives.

JAN HUTCHINS - a former Mayor of Los Gatos, owner the Yoga Center of Los Gatos has been professionally involved with health, sports, human consciousness and yoga practice for nearly 40 years. His charismatic leadership, authentic spirit, healing energy, wisdom, sense of humor and attention to individual needs make his yoga and counseling sessions a transformational experience. A Yale graduate (1971, B.A, History), Hutch has lived transformation, excelling at several careers prior to opening the Yoga Center. For 20 years he was an award-winning television journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California in the United States. He ran Community PR for the San Francisco Giants major league baseball team, produced Emmy award winning children’s television programs for American Champion Media a company he helped take public. Jan is active in the ManKind Project ( an international organization dedicated to reclaiming the sacred masculine for our time. He continues doing his own inner work while helping initiate men into their sacred masculinity as a Ritual Elder in his MKP community.

OLGA KOSTROVA - a charismatic leader, eccentric visionary, technology entrepreneur and innovator, accomplished transformational practitioner and world citizen. After receiving degrees from Kiev University of Economics and National Academy of Management, Olga held number of executive roles for various corporations and startups in Europe and across Northern America, leading marketing and business development teams. Later Olga founded number of companies in fashion, media, and information technology while in parallel pursuing her passion for human technologies. As a philanthropist and social innovator, Olga traveled the world spreading her passion for social transformation, participating in opening schools in rural areas of developing countries, speaking on collaborative business models and sharing her vision about alternative business incubation approaches and social entrepreneurship. After a spiritual awakening in 2010 that led her to profound transformation and a direct experience of “nirvana” Olga shifted her focus to a mission of expanding human consciousness. Her advanced transformational method PhysioEmoDynamics gained recognition for its almost 100% success rate in instantly healing a variety of clinical conditions including depression, paralysis and many others. Her work helped to save people from suicide and murder. What started as private sessions for healing and shifting awareness found application in corporate transformation in the form of training for better collaboration between cross functional and cross organizational teams.

In 2012 Olga and Jan blended their visions and co-founded The International Institute for Transformational Arts, an advisory and program development group that focuses on personal and interpersonal transformation and its implications for individuals, families and our culture, including global business and politics.
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