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Director of People Ops

at Thumbtack in San Francisco, CA   —   Jul 01, 2014   |  
Thumbtack is growing very rapidly, and we are looking for an incredibly talented person to keep our team happy and productive as we scale. We’re looking for a leader who is obsessed with making teams more efficient and productive, building process and systems to make people happier, and who gets excited about building an amazing human machine [1].

Thumbtack is headquartered in San Francisco, where our team of 50 designs, engineers, and markets our product. We have operations teams of 300 between Las Vegas and the Philippines who provide the human support for our product. Over the next year, we plan to double our team in San Francisco, open a new office in Salt Lake City and scale it to 100+, and add hundreds to our team in the Philippines. It’s going to be a thrilling year, and we’re looking for someone excited to tackle all of this growth.
Culture: You’ll proactively assess and measure the health of our culture, and you’ll create traditions to build and protect our culture. You get excited about programing culture [2]!
Onboarding: You will create an awesome onboarding system for our teams around the world that is both unified but also unique to each team. You’ll build process that makes new team members feel welcome and helps them get up-to-speed quickly.
Managing: You will manage and coordinate the efforts of our San Francisco admin team. This includes the EA for the CEO and President, two team admins, office manager, chef, an event & people ops coordinator, and a benefits & payroll administration contractor.
Reviews: You will make our performance & salary reviews efficient and effective.
Compensation, Titles, and Org Structure: You’ll work with our head of recruiting and our exec team to build fair and transparent compensation, title, and org structures.
Communication: You will adopt new tools and build systems to help us communicate effectively across teams and locations (communication within each team is owned by those individual teams).
Passion for people ops: You are obsessed with how to best structure and organize a growing team, you think people ops is really important, and your energy is infectious and motivates others to follow your lead.
Deep expertise and broad experience: You know best practices for people ops from onboarding to equity refreshes and you follow the latest tools and software for communicating and running peer reviews. You’ve worked in people ops for a number of years, you’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t) at a startup of our size and you also know what challenges we’ll face as we double+ our team.
Willingness to get hands dirty and ability to scale: You need to be able to do the hard work yourself, but also scale your efforts through effective management of others around you.
A love of data: You think the best way to improve is to measure everything. You’ll run onboarding surveys and use the data to improve how we welcome new team members, and you’ll run team surveys and leverage the data to make our team happier and more productive.
Fresh perspective: People Ops has a stodgy, old-school reputation (why many people don’t use the term “HR” anymore). You are different; you have the ability to meld the best practices from the past with a fresh perspective on how we can do things differently and better today.
Culture fit: You are building and protecting Thumbtack culture globally, so you must be an extremely strong ambassador of our culture.
Competitive salary and benefits.

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