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Fabrication Intern

at Pedal Power NYC in Brooklyn, NY   —   Jun 23, 2014   |  
Rehearsal Session BushwickConcert in Union Sq.Workspace 1PrototypeWorkspace 2Sensor PrototypeWorkspace 3Team & CollaboratorsGig setupShowtimeWhat we fight for = Clean Water
Looking for a unique opportunity to work with an arts & tech company in NYC? Want to join a crew of individuals who are solving challenging problems related to the development of original technology, and contributing to a narrative whose messages are focused on renewable energy, clean water, and delivered through the medium of music?

We're working on a multi-faceted project that involves a lot of building and prototyping. In short, we've got a bunch of custom bikes generating enough electricity to stage large concerts and studio recordings. By producing inspiring events and assets to raise awareness of sustainability issues, we hope to continue drawing other creatives into the conversation along with us.

Much of what we have is built in-house. For example:
- enclosures and control panels for our electronics
- display mounts for the bikes
- cable assemblies and other electrical systems
- travel-ready cases
- bike trailers
There's a lot to work on, and we're tackling things in manageable, well-defined chunks while the bigger picture evolves in the background. You'll be working with a flexible schedule both on your own and in our workspace at the The Old American Can Factory in Gowanus, Brooklyn. You'll get real-world experienced and work closely with our engineers and designers.
You'll be helping us design and build all sorts of projects such as enclosures, control panels and mounts.
a strong intuition for working with materials and tools of all sorts
experience with metal, wood, plastic, and McMaster
if not an engineering background, at least an engineer's mentality
hunger to learn and try new things!
experience with 3D design tools and printers
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