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IndustryHCI, Software, Hardware
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Flexibly Capable Software Engineer

at Oblong Industries in Los Angeles, CA   —   Jul 08, 2014   |  
Oblong's MezzanineG-speak systemOb's office!
What You Would Do: Want to help develop next-generation collaboration software built on a new gestural/spatial computing platform? In this position, you’ll have an opportunity to work at a variety of levels of the software stack and wear a lot of hats. As in most truly interesting jobs, this role includes a mixture of exciting heavy lifting and bit-by-bit scaffolding.

What We Look For: If you are a broadly experienced programmer who would like to work in a small-team context developing user-facing applications built on a new gestural/spatial computing platform, we’d like to hear from you.
You will help us add exciting new features to our flagship product, Mezzanine ( In addition, there is plenty of existing code to maintain and improve.
We refactor, generalize, and incorporate into our core platform as much of the application code that we write for clients as possible.
Some days are spent doing radically new design and development work, and some days go towards maintenance hacking, glue coding, and contextually necessary wheel reinvention.
You might find yourself optimizing low-level algorithms to achieve (say) adequately fast message-passing performance between loosely coupled application components and then the next day work on solving a UI design problem revolving around strategies for effective presentation of a mixture of 2D and 3D data.
Must have relevant experience in a professional environment and demonstrated ability to deliver production-quality code
Fluency in (though perhaps not actual love of) C++ programming
Actual love of programming in general
Ability to hop seamlessly between developing user interfaces and hacking on low level systems or networking code
Willingness to work on Linux, OSX, as well as Windows (yes, we know)
Experience writing code in a professional software development environment
Demonstrated ability to make architecture and feature-set design decisions
Demonstrated ability to explicate and document design and architecture decisions
Demonstrated ability to work well with others and follow a spec where one happens to already exist
Experience designing and implementing user interfaces, a plus
Low-level graphics hacking experience (Open GL or similar), a plus
Benefits and Perks:
• Competitive compensation package of salary and stock options
• Medical, dental, and vision insurance
• 401K plan

To apply, please follow this link:
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