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Front End Engineer

at Thumbtack in San Francisco, CA   —   Jul 18, 2014   |  
Thumbtack's vision is to make it dramatically easier to hire services, while serving to empower independent professionals to grow their businesses. As an engineer at Thumbtack, you'll be responsible for bringing that vision to life.

As a front-end engineer at Thumbtack, your varied skills and our bottom-up product process will give you as much autonomy and license as you can handle. If you can build it and it’s good for the company, do it! There's no limit to how valuable you can be or how much of an effect you can have here.

We want people who want to make their mark on the world, who are itchy, who tinker. We want people with the ambition to dream big and the talent to see those dreams through.
You see the web as a beautiful, intricate, occasionally clumsy Rube Goldberg machine. Working with it isn’t a chore; it’s a challenge.
You're perfectly comfortable with all the normal front-end technologies (JavaScript and its derivatives, CSS, semantic HTML, etc) but don’t mind the occasional jumps into PHP, Python, or database queries.
You spend almost as much time inspecting a page's elements and figuring out how it works as you do using it. You're insatiably curious about how websites are made and what they're made of.
You think complaining about IE support is so five years ago. You know exactly how, when, and when not to play nice across different browsers and platforms.
You keep abreast with modern web practices and trends but know when to stay pragmatic in their implementations.
Clean, accessible, understandable markup
A/B testing, data-driven decision making
Responsive web design
Graceful degradation, progressive enhancement
An eye for design, or at least a good appreciation for it
An ability to identify workflow pain-points and create tools that solve them
Has a portfolio of real, live projects or contributions to open-source
JavaScript, CSS, HMTL, Python
Comfortable running A/B tests
Must have a portfolio of real, live projects or contributions to open-source
Competitive salary and benefits.

Join us! We're a small team with a giant dream. We're looking for others who want to have an immediate impact changing the way local services are bought and sold. If you're motivated by solving hard problems and working with great people.

If interested, please apply here:

You can also view a full list of our open engineering positions on our jobs page (
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