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Front-End Web Developer / UI Designer - Freelance (preferred) or Part-Time

at Aleph Point in New York, NY   —   Jul 01, 2014   |  
Aleph Point is an elite technology / design consulting firm, with a focus on building rapid prototypes of web applications.

Our team knows everything about the web stack. From the latest front-end technologies like JavaScript frameworks, HTML5, and AJAX to the most mature and dynamic backend technologies like Django/Python and Groovy/Grails, we're there. We're all over NoSQL and we know everything about cloud hosting and deployment.

All our consultants share these things in common: a dedication to agile engineering processes, top-notch craftsmanship, and regularly delivering useful, working software to our clients.

Current Positions

We are currently hiring for two UI developer positions. The skillset required is:

- Deep knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other web technologies
- Some experience with JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, YUI, ExtJS, or Dojo
- If candidate has experience with ExtJS (, we are especially interested

One of these positions involves on-site work in New York. The office 30m east of Manhattan, and is easy to access from Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, or greater NY/CT area.

The other position is an off-site, remote working position, for the same client.

Relevant Keywords: ExtJS, Sencha, RIA, Rich Internet Application, HTML, CSS, HTML5, AJAX, JSON, RESTful, web service, JavaScript

Working for Aleph Point

Aleph Point is a modern, distributed virtual consultancy. There is no office, just a virtual office of distributed source code control, a simple agile project management tool, and real-time collaboration tools. You work from home, and you work whatever hours will make you most productive. We also have on-site consultants who spend part of their time with the client in their office.

To work for Aleph Point, you must be a US citizen and you must speak English fluently. Beyond these, the only requirement is that you are a motivated hacker/designer who is comfortable with the power -- and responsibility -- that comes with this distributed work environment.

Working at Aleph Point is a lot of fun. Our projects are always fresh, using the latest technologies at the cutting edge. Most of them are greenfield projects and our team provides the sole technical expertise. Most consultants start off working for a single client and then move on to covering 2 or sometimes more.

Applying to Aleph Point

Aleph Point's interview process is simple.

First, submit your resume, along with any relevant projects you have built and launched publicly, and/or any code/design samples. Code/design samples are more important than a cover letter -- a code sample, in fact, can be your cover letter. Also, if you've worked on any open source projects, definitely let us know.

For off-site work, we schedule a remote pair programming session. This is an actual pair programming session, not a technical interview. You and one other Aleph Point team member will solve a real programming/design problem, using a real-time text editor we use everyday in our work. Based on this, we'll decide if you're the right fit. No need to memorize big-O notation or how many IP addresses exist in a class C subnet. The main question we'll be answering is: "Can you design software?" and the related question, "Can you do it well?" For the project you work on during the pair programming session, you'll have 1 week to tweak, critique, and revise and send back to us.

For on-site positions, you will have a full in-person interview and technical evaluation in our Port Washington, NY office.


Please e-mail resume, portfolio, and any other materials to:

with subject: UI Developer Position
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