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Funky-Fresh Server Developer

at Proxemal, Inc in Bay Area   —   Jul 11, 2014   |  
We are bootstrapping a mobile startup in the bay area. We are veterans in the game industry, experienced in creating successful games, apps and entertainment on a variety of platforms over the past two decades.
You can lead us in getting our backend (or as we like to call it, the junk in the trunk) set up, then create super-sweet technology that will communicate asynchronously with mobile client.
You are responsible for your team, which is currently you.
You'd be responsible for hitting mutually agreed upon deadlines - cause even though we love to screw off and have fun, we do want to ship our product.
You have the responsibility of architecting and running a scalable system. And not scalable by just throwing money at the problem either...cause we could do that without a hot-shot like you
Open source technologies
Design, implementation, management of medium to large scale architectures
Database creation, optimization, management, scalability, security
Commerce systems integration
Virtual goods transactions, object serialization
Against all programmer stigma, you have the unique ability to have a real conversation
You have 5 solid years experience drinking mountain dew, eating pizza and working in server development development across a variety of platforms/architectures.
You have the ability to work with creative, driven people.
You can adapt quickly
You are nimble - not the yoga nimble, but the fast-paced environment nimble
You've got skillz with open source tech and are multi-lingual
You have enough skill and knowledge of multiple technologies to suggest how best to do something, not forcing our ideas into the two technologies you know
You document your stuff
You see problems and fires as challenges
You can run circles around us but you won't make us bow to you.
Your nickname is Ninja. If not, it will be when you start
BS Computer Science, Engineering preferred.

BA Cooking a plus.
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