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Funding500K-1M USD
IndustryGames, Web 2.0, Hardware, Consumer, Infrastructure
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Gameplay Developer, Play Real Life with Sensors!

at GreenGoose! in San Francisco, CA   —   Jun 23, 2014   |  
we've got stuff.web
GreenGoose is a real-life game platform with wireless sensors. We're looking for a game-play developer as a core, early partner person to help dig in and build out some fun game elements of We supply the wireless sensors -- as stickers, like those puffy stickers your sister might have played with as a kid. They're crazy cool and track all kinds of things like getting exercise, playing with toys, riding your bike, brushing your teeth, flossing, drinking water, and taking your vitamins. You're onboard to help wrap a fun game around doing good things that are healthy, fun, and helpful.

Think Farmville, but no farm, instead, your life and sensors that measure the things you do. We'd like to support lots of games and create a platform. Check out as a starting point. Tons more to share over a beer or a few coffees. We're up and running with the patents filed and about to launch with actual working sensors. They wirelessly communicate up to the web. No battery recharging; they last a year.

You're technical (or a graphic design, amazing illustration person, knows Flash) and have worked with developing game mechanics before, and have connections and experience building web-based apps in FB. You'd be the owner and builder of all things game-like with a shared vision of RPG and Jesse Schell's Gamepocalypse. Launch experience of previous apps would be great.

Drop us a note, it'd be great to talk more!

Exciting stuff below!

on the stage at ~26:00
cash, equity
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