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Graphic Web Designer and Web Developer Intern

at Watch Foodie Network in Irving, TX   —   Jul 17, 2014   |  
This internship is geared towards not only a jack of all trades, but a webmaster of them–someone interested in becoming a multidiscipline designer.

Building a website (i.e. web developer) is a highly technical process. Designing a website (i.e. web designer) is a highly creative process. This position requires knowledge of scripting languages and an active interest in staying abreast of the newest web design technologies.

Graphic design is about solving visual communication problems. Making something look good is a by-product of design, where the real purpose lies in visually communicating with an audience to cause them to do something. True designers don’t just arrange elements on a page to make them “look good”, they arrange them according to the natural reading sequences of the human eye so that the information can be digested most easily. Great design uses emotion to generate action.

You must have a clear knowledge of a variety of contributing factors to a website's success. Such factors include how best to market a website, the options and limitations of graphics, how to create a site that is effective within search engines, knowledge of the drawbacks of different browsers, and the understanding of the coding required for a website.

Your main responsibility is to quickly create high-quality, easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, purpose driven website and blog designs on behalf of our clients who are largely independently owned restaurants and dining establishments. You will assist the CEO/Creative Director with design matters including but not limited to web edits, page creation, CSS, troubleshooting, graphics creation, domain and hosting updates, and more.

At the end of this internship, you will be considered for a paid full-time position as the Webmaster of our organization on the fast-track to Chief Web Officer, VP and ultimately a partner.
Design web marketing content (emails, website content, banner ads, specialty landing pages, etc.) based on basic wireframes and an understanding of marketing campaigns.
Drive creative web projects from start to finish, working closely and collaboratively with other members (copywriter, SEO specialist, social media specialist, photographer/videographer, etc) on group projects.
Design websites which enable clients to develop their own "branded customer community" within their own website. Should incorporate the following features: 1) strong linkages to social networks, 2) technical flexibility to create custom social integrations (either through APIs or other integration tools), 3) allow content to be crawled and indexed by search engines to encourage more discovery, and 4) support easy categorization of content based on consumer needs, such as specific content types for consumer questions, problems, ideas, and praise.
Create and maintain design of social networking sites.
Create site maps, user flows, wireframes, mockups and prototypes.
Conduct and apply research on design practices, identifying problems and proposing creative solutions.
Synthesize feedback from multiple sources and iterating rapidly on mockups.
Collaborate with the videographer and social media specialist on your team in the post-production motion graphic design and kinetic typography.
Fulfill several project requests simultaneously while meeting tight deadlines.
Proficient with Mac operating system with Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat and Photoshop).
Ability to re-touch photography, color correct, manipulate images, etc.
Strong visual conceptual and technical graphic design abilities.
Ability to produce web ready PhotoShop Documents.
Strong HTML/XML/CSS/Java Script/Fireworks skills with solid knowledge of usability, accessibility and cross browser issues.
Strong knowledge of website architecture including client/server side architecture.
Programming/Coding/Scripting in one of the many server-side frameworks (at least one of: Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, ASP, .NET, .NET MVC).
Ability to utilize a database.
Knowledge of various content management systems (CMS).
An understanding of standards for making sites editable by others.
Knowledge of Flash for animated banners.
Knowledge of Kinetic Typography and Motion Graphic Design for video post-production.
In-depth knowledge about the Internet industry and search engine optimization techniques (SEO).
Understanding of the latest trends, such as social media and how to optimize design (i.e. SMO) for those platforms.
An Online portfolio of work required which should include past Flash examples (please include links).
Must be pursuing a degree in Web Design & Engineering, Web Design & Web Development, or Graph Design with an emphasis on Web Design. A minor in Business, Marketing or Advertising would be a serious plus. Must have at least a Junior class standing with a minimum 3.0GPA. Recent college graduates are welcome.
This intern position is unpaid. As a perk, however, you will be able to sample a wide variety of incredible cuisine for free while working on location.

We must emphasize here that we place equal value upon each candidate's talents and skills as we do upon their entrepreneurial proclivity. This ensures our ability to award our interns a profit sharing bonus in the form of a gratuity (or "college grant") at the end of each semester.

We value all of our interns and will make sure you receive a learning experience that not only fits your career goals, but generates credible references and job recommendations in your respective industry.
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