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at ScholarLab in GA   —   Jul 11, 2014   |  
ScholarLab ( - a ground-breaking HTML5 multimedia, collaboration, conferencing and real-time application platform company - is seeking talented and brilliant technical and development talent.

High performer startup - $1.5 Million in revenue in 2012 with no funding - and a ton of success before that. Come with us as we continue some aggressive pre-VC round scale, close a great round in the next few months and march toward an acquisition by Google, Adobe, WebEx or other big name player with interest in the next generation of innovation in real-time multimedia on the web and mobile. We're an application platform. Remember that! :)

Did we mention that this stuff all happens to be SUPER fun to work on? Big time and super fun. Doesn't come along often.
Be strong and focused and put in the crazy hard start-up hours with us to get there. We'll get there quick with you. You know the drill though: be ready to make this startup the primary focus of your life. Just being real on what it takes. Payoff huge though.

Maybe even rise to the level of founder. We're primarily looking for senior or even CTO level people, but always remain open. We recognize good talent and know how hard that is to find.
HTML5 (Canvas, binary capabilities , binary websockets, video, SVG, MathML, MediaCapture, File API and all the rest of its parts!)
We're doing a ton of multimedia, audio, video streaming knowledge of all that (RTMP, Wowza, HLS, blah blah blah.. helpful)
MongoDB and/or Redis
Possibly other emerging real-time toolkits - e.g. Meteor, Derby and the like
Clearly, JavaScript and many JS frameworks!
Very smart and a great developer. Get along very well with others. Indeed, smarts and a great attitude are our number one criteria, followed by experience and/or strong interest in the relevant technologies.
Good ability to adapt, learn and switch between new languages, good object oriented and design pattern knowledge, and strong passion for engineering, innovation, and problem solving also great as well.
Commensurate with experience
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