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Intern at Technology Startup

at Green Revolution Cooling in Austin, TX   —   Jul 11, 2014   |  
Green Revolution Cooling ( is an Austin-based startup that produces a highly disruptive cooling solution for data center servers featuring total submersion in high performance dielectric fluid. Since bringing the product to market in mid-2010, the company has experienced tremendous growth in manufacturing, sales, and production, and is expanding personnel rapidly to keep up.

The company is currently hiring an exceptional and multi-faceted intern to begin in June 2013 at its facility located near Metric and Braker. The ideal candidate will quickly move to full time and become an important part of the growing team. Availability M-F is required. Reliable transportation and proof of driver's insurance is required.

The ideal candidate is equally comfortable building a pivot table in Excel as he/she is learning how to weld in the shop. The ideal candidate is exceedingly hungry, eager, and competent. The ideal candidate is expected to speak well, to write well, to be fearless on the phone, and to be able to lift 40 pounds comfortably. The ideal candidate will be expected to accomplish a task in half the time that a competent person would require.

While it is most likely that the ideal candidate has a background in math, engineering, or physical sciences, this is not a hard-and-fast requirement. It is most important that the candidate be highly analytical, creative, and able to read/react to most any situation or need that arises. The ideal candidate will demonstrate voracious learning aptitude and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Initial responsibilities include but are not (even remotely) limited to:
• Reporting to the COO to keep everything in the office running smoothly
• Aiding builders, designers, and craftsmen in the shop
• Manufacturing/installation support
• Product assembly support
• Sales support
• Packaging design

The only guarantee is that every day will be different. The variety of tasks and projects is nearly limitless. You should be equally comfortable in an office and in a shop, in talking with engineers, salespeople, customers, and business development associates, in executing menial tasks and taking on large, critical projects. Expect to split time between desk work and shop work at first.

Several previous holders of this position have gone on to secure meaningful full-time positions with the company. You are encouraged to show what you can do and those that add significant value to the company are rewarded accordingly. This position will be best filled by an exceedingly ambitious, bright, and adaptable person that wants to become a significant contributor to the development of an exciting hardware product.

Please send a resume AND cover letter addressed to "Hiring Manager" at [hiring at grcooling dot com].

If you're just out of school and light on experience, you're encouraged to make a strong case for your candidacy in the cover letter. Focus on your strengths, display your ambition, and let us know what you can add to the team.

Good luck!
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