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Interns / volunteers for an NGO -

at IdeaMama in Mountain View, CA   —   Jun 27, 2014   |  
We sponsor a non profit organisation Collabopreneur and looking for superstars - volunteers passionate about making a difference, to create a great Wordpress site for the organisation and its events, design print materials, blog about, help to organize events and do many other things that will help us to grow the organisation.

Please apply here by sending a note to the group organizer:

Our vision:

Every event in our life has its consequences, every decision makes impact on the future events in our lives and lives of others, even every thought and intention makes a ripple effect. We hope that ColLAbo movement will makes both indirect and direct impact as well. While education global audience about entrepreneurship, partnerships and collaborative innovation is our mission, we have goals that can be measured.

We hope that ColLABoCon will become a platform for raising funds and awareness a program that we call ColLABoripple and proceeds from ColLABo events will go for its execution. We hope to change the world one collaborative team at a time. ColLABoripple is a volunteers driven program designed to improve certain societal processes that we radically disagree with.

We believe that violence starts from anger caused by sense of abandonment, isolation, loneliness, humiliation, injustice, and unfairness.

ColLABoripple’s volunteers come together to advocate collaborative social innovation in prisons, orphanages and senior care centers worldwide, and we hope to see a ripple effect that will manifest itself in more healthy and happy society.

We accomplish our mission through various programs created and led by our educators-volunteers in areas of

- personal self growth

- worldwide outlook on social issues in development problems

- social entrepreneurship

- team work

- social art

We believe that engagement in social entrepreneurship can play a cathartic roll in the life of a prisoner or an abandoned teenager. They learn various skills and adopt new insights that help them to secure self-reliable positions in the society later on where they can create sustainable value and income for themselves and others while discovering the truth of life and helping underprivileged people in developing countries with various social initiatives that they facilitate during the course of education and after.

We also believe that the programs result in boost of self esteem, decrease of frustration and anger; they fosters a sense of belonging, wholeness, as well as productivity, and that this ultimately translates into a sought meaning of life, sense of purpose and as a result a greater sense of self worth, and a greater sense of “connection” to society and the world around them when they get back to living in it.

Our founding team and educators gained their knowledge from years of entrepreneurship, social work and enhance their own ability to deliver value during the course by making pilgrimages in developing countries and spreading awareness about various issues that need to be highly publicized and supported.

Our programs:

Our educational events are not theoretical, but rather experiential. Our crew inspires by sharing their life stories and personal lessons, their own path to life or purpose and service. Each workshop or a lecture ends with a facilitated team work where both facilitators and students work to develop solutions to particular use cases – mostly some issues that are brought to our attention from developing countries. Even thou we never can solve many of them during a course of the education, we are happy to plant seeds, to cause ripples, provoke thoughts and build a foundation for further actions that each student can take later in the course of life.

Currently there are 3 types of facilities we conduct our programs at:

- prisons:
- orphanages and foster care shelters;
- senior care / r
We appreciate any form of contribution, but at the moment the most needed are following skills:
Business education leaders
Speakers on a subject of social innovation
Event planners
Volunteer coordinators
PR pros
Newsletter editor
Video editors
Youtube junkies and other viral marketers
Web master with PHP skills
Graphic designers
interns-volunteers - not paid
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