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FundingLess than 250K USD
IndustrySecurity, Software, Enterprise, Financial Services
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JAVA / Frontend / Security - Stand alone application

at Secureslice in Chicago, IL   —   Jul 15, 2014   |  
We are information security consultants and one Java backend expert, revolutionizing the sensitive secure file transfer industry working for a top consulting firm here in Chicago, US. My partner graduated from John Hopkins and penetrates (hacks) large corporate networks (Fortune 50/100) and I assist in integrating the remediation plan with the current organizational business practices.

In essence - we are a team. We need one more professional to realize this venture and make this a reality

This is not some idea or a social networking startup - we have validated the problem and solution with large companies (Fortune 50/100). We actually have the application half baked and need help with the front end. All 3 of us are experts in our fields - our professional lives have been invested in this area. Adding that one front end expert would make it all come together.
You are an expert merging the fornt end UI (Swing, Windows Builder Pro, SWT etc) with your beautiful backend code or standalone JAVA applications. You know the terrain, you know you love it, and you can't stop bragging about it.
You have a solid grasp of the programing tools at your disposal and know when to use each one. We use Tomcat, Mysql, AWS, JIRA and Greenhopper.... and of course Google apps.
Working experience with configuration management, source code version control and monitoring systems. We currently switched to bitbucket to better integrate with Greenhopper.
We are dabbling into uncharted territories so there will be experimentation and lots of frustration - Obviously... you will smile right at the problem.
The team members are fully committed. We have full time jobs, work nights and weekends on this project cause we believe in it. We humbly expect the same from you.
Comfortable owning the infrastructure and pragmatically solving problems dealing with complex systems, even when the only error messages are in hex and you're at the far end of a 1200 baud telnet link.
At ease wearing lots of hats in a heterogeneous environment. Working with web servers, AWS & databases.
The ability to think outside the box. The word "no" does not exist - well, you program in Java so everything is possible !
Excellent command of written and spoken English. If we can't communicate - it just won't work.
You should understand what authentication, authorization and security related terms are or at least be able to work on Apache Shiro.
Any of the following - SWT, Windows Builder Pro, Swing etc
Understand Backend design and configuration
understand what is authentication and authorization
> Not necessary but would be great if you knew....
Apache Shiro
The chance to revolutionize the secure file transfer industry.

An equity share of Secureslice that already has 2 multinational companies hungry for a PoC.

Spec sheets that detail out what these industries need based on real world - top notch experience of the two founders.

You get to keep your day job while we as a team hash out the ultimate solution.
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