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FundingLess than 250K USD
IndustryHCI, Software, E-commerce, Semantic Web, Productivity
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Lead Developer / Architect / Technical Co-Founder (►CTO)

at SetSee in Maplewood, NJ   —   Jul 04, 2014   |  
Are you passionate about your work and about how the users of your software creations experience your products? Do you like to delight your customers? With that, and the skills we need—and a burning desire like ours to build a new and innovative tool—you could be the ideal person for this role.

SetSee is a pre-revenue software start-up addressing a long standing but latent problem, with a potentially large market. Our prototype has enabled us to gather feedback and refine our approach & business model, and we have sketched out product phases, product features, and a conceptual architecture for the initial, web-based implementation. The two co-founders are looking for a top-notch developer/architect to join us as an equity partner and co-founder, leading the company’s technology development, performing the foundational (both front- and back-end) development work, and playing an integral role in determining our strategic direction and growth. We’re looking for someone who truly believes in our vision and can architect, and then build on, the right approach to making the software a success and a consistent, trusted brand across a variety of platforms and environments.

We recently began development of the basic Alpha version of the web-based product, and need a skilled web developer to complete some technical aspects of the design and to help finish the coding and database work. So we posted another, separate job listing on Startuply [see the link in the panel to the right] for just this ~2-month Alpha project. This work could just as well be the near-term development part of the lead developer role, so a candidate for this position could take on the Alpha project (even on a part-time basis), as an initial step, to demonstrate their abilities and get to know us.
Help our current developer finish our Alpha web product (the UI, database backend, customer registration/payment/authentication) over the next month or two.
Set up the overall back end and cloud infrastructure as well as our (basic) web site.
Establish the technical and architectural foundation and overall engineering direction & strategy for the company's products.
Design an approach to collecting usage data and build a metrics dashboard for reporting on both that usage data and the basic customer data.
Help us evolve the product capabilities by analyzing the usage data, building towards a larger private and then public Beta release in the early Fall.
Evolve the Beta product into a fuller Release 1 web product by year end 2012, which we target for gaining traction, earning initial revenue, and attracting angel funding.
Guide & build both the future releases of the web product and the architecture & development of the product on other platforms.
Lead involvement in developing a successful and current commercial web application.
Other demonstrated success with past projects using the skills described below.
A work history showing increasing technical leadership.
Visible enthusiasm and an ability to work—and communicate well, in person and in writing—with others.
[MUST] Ability to own a project / product from the ground up.
[MUST] 3+ years solid experience with serious web application development: JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, HTML, CSS, Ajax, mySQL
[MUST] Proficient and comfortable with extensive DOM and CSS manipulation and UI design
[MUST] Web app architecture experience
[MUST] Web site design and setup
[IDEAL] An ability to capture our vision in code & a desire to build software that delights users
[IDEAL] Architectural ability: web, mobile, and desktop apps, databases, cross-platform solutions, frameworks, ability to choose right platform/language/approach for efficient, effective development.
[IDEAL] Broad technical & programming skills
[IDEAL] Experience with HTML/XML parsing and related tools
[GOOD] Experience with GWT and Java, as well as other development frameworks
[GOOD] Experience with and desire to do Android and iOS tablet development
[GOOD] Use of WebKit rendering engine within applications
Education is less important than experience and skill—we are open-minded—but a BS or MS in Computer Science is certainly fine.
Significant/founder equity participation. No salary until we are funded or have significant revenue.
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