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IndustryConsumer, Enterprise, Productivity, Social Networking
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Lead Programmer

at Confidential in Pittsburgh, PA   —   Jul 06, 2014   |  
UberEmployable is a web-based consumer service that will significantly improve the hiring and promotion
process for both individuals and employers. The site will be a high-profile market creator, blending three
highly established "Web 2.0" models into one service. Your friends will use it.

The company's founder is a seasoned entrepreneur (founding member of two startups, early-stage hire at
two others), with whom you will be collaborating on a daily basis whether on-location or remote.

About Your Role:

You will be undertaking a rare and versatile project, serving as the technical lead for a web-based startup
company that has yet to undergo initial development. You are free to develop in the language(s) and
environment of your choosing. Secondary aspects of the position include implementation and documentation of server and hardware infrastructure. In completing this work in a highly collaborative environment, operating alongside the company's CEO, you will learn first-hand the role of a technical lead/CTO in the small business and startup worlds, and will have the opportunity to gain a practical knowledge of entrepreneurial operations and strategy under the tutelage of the CEO.
To develop the site (excluding HTML/CSS) and its primary components (scoring algorithm, basic social networking capability, API integration, etc.)
To manage both an application and process server, and advise CEO on technical courses of action when necessary
To research, procure and manage necessary development hardware and software
To document the technical side of the company's operations
To love being a key part of a popular service that will help millions of people
Expert knowledge of your choice of platform
Experience with server administration
Prior startup experience highly preferred but not required
Team or Project Management experience preferred but not required
Compensation is multi-faceted and dependent upon several factors. You will receive a combination of salary and equity based on the following:

1. Experience and expertise
2. Availability (this position is available as part-time or full-time)
3. Funding (to be determined... awaiting decision from an incubator program)
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