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Linux Sysadmin/Webmaster/All-around Technology Expert

at FitEyes LTD in Austin, TX   —   Jul 01, 2014   |  
Position description:

We are offering an exceptional opportunity for an experienced Linux Sysadmin/Webmaster/All-around Technology Expert. You will have a unique opportunity to join a fast-growing company in its early stages and participate in all aspects of our development process. This position is much more than a traditional Sysadmin role and it emphasizes your ability to leverage your full set of technical, analytical and all-around skills. You should be able to carry out the routine web technology sysadmin tasks as well as possess some additional skills (below) that are required for this position. You should be a self-starter, have a strong sense of ownership and a deep belief in learning through doing. Ideally you are able to prioritize well, work outside your role and provide strategic insights and technology recommendations.

Required skills:
• system administration skills: experienced with server setup and install, troubleshooting, monitoring, system and configuration, tuning and optimization, performance analysis, documenting, backup and recovery; installing, configuring and maintaining all LAMP technologies
• Ubuntu (or Debian) Server: solid experience
• security: must be able to get security, including SSH, done right on a new Ubuntu server install
• MySQL administration: MySQL experience required; bonus for experience with other open source databases including embedded Java databases
• programming: experience with Java, Python, Perl, SQL, shell and regex, among other languages; Ruby on Rails and PHP would be bonuses
• mailing list management: rock-solid experience; able to set up a mailing list management system using open source tools and pull all members [along with settings] out of an existing Google Group site
• CMS: Drupal experience desired; ability to perform a Regex-based migration from Drupal to any other CMS without any content/format mangling
• source code management: git administration experience
• automation processes: at a minimum, turn every server task into a runnable self-documenting script
• cloud computing: basic EC2 skills; e.g., must be familiar with setting up DDNS for an EC2 instance and be able to design and implement a back up strategy for an EC2 instance

Desired skills and beneficial experience:

• single signon experience
• previous experience with data interchange formats: JSON, XML, YAML
• decent grasp of SEO is a big plus!

We are looking to hire immediately! We have a geographical preference for candidates located in Austin, TX, or Jacksonville, FL, but the right talents from all over the world are encouraged to apply as well.

About the company:

We are a web technology startup with the great promise of future success. We believe we can revolutionize ophthalmology to the benefit of all the people in the world who are at risk for vision problems. (There are 80 million people with glaucoma alone. And if you have myopia, you are probably at risk of at least one of the vision problems we seek to address.) The project was started by a group of patients and doctors to drag ophthalmology into the modern age and we've been working toward a solution since 2006. We have a very proprietary and unique approach that can benefit anyone interested in better health. It combines information technology with aspects of mind-body medicine. By now we can boast the world's largest database of medical data related to the condition we are tracking, deep experience in this area, and high-profile expert founders and company’s leaders. We have a clear vision and a strong following. We don't have a big budget and one of our early tasks will be to grow customer base, finalize business processes and establish a source of revenue (e-commerce and/or advertising). You'll play a role in that.
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