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Manager/Director, Digital Marketing

at GetGoing in San Francisco, CA   —   Jul 06, 2014   |  
About GetGoing

GetGoing is a travel technology company creating a radically better discovery, shopping and booking experience for leisure and corporate travelers. Our team of travel industry veterans and e-commerce, marketing, and data science experts is delivering a bold new vision of how travel should be sold in the 21st century. For consumers, this means lower prices, better selection, and intuitive, personalized search. For suppliers, it’s about being able to differentiate their products and market profitably to more customers.

We have partnered with many of the world’s leading airlines, hotel chains, Global Distribution Systems and Travel Management Companies to build a better way of marketing and selling travel products online.

We operate two lines of business:

• Online Travel Agency: is an award-winning discovery, search and booking platform for flights and hotels. Powered by patented search and revenue management technology, we are able to offer discounts on flights and hotel nights not available anywhere else. is currently live in the United States, and will be available internationally soon.

• Travel content distribution: We provide a worldwide platform connecting airline and hotel suppliers with leisure and corporate travel agencies and ad networks for the distribution of rich media travel content. Our platform enables partners to showcase their products to consumers and significantly increase customer loyalty and conversion.

GetGoing is backed by leading consumer internet venture capital and private equity funds and is based in San Francisco. We graduated from Y Combinator’s S12 class.

About the Role

We are looking for a Digital Marketing Manager / Director to help us define and execute our digital marketing strategy. We have grown largely organically since we launched 6 months ago, and the time is right to fire up the engines.

We are looking for someone who can operate effectively at a start-up, work with a limited budget, be comfortable with limited oversight, but enjoy having plenty of product, design and technical support. You have creative ideas, and you are not afraid to try them.

You know digital marketing inside out. PPC, SEM, display advertising, retargeting, and landing page optimization. You know what these words mean both practically & theoretically. You know how to set ambitious goals, you know where to start, and know how to deliver results on a start-up schedule. If you also know something about off-line advertising, branding, e-mail and content strategy, you would be one in a million – definitely mention that when we meet.

If you come in for an interview, we will ask you a simple question: “Where do we start?” Some of us will want a detailed answer, some will want to hear the big picture. If you can answer this question clearly, intelligently, and logically, we will ask when you can start.
A degree from a top-tier school or a record of extraordinary accomplishment in some endeavor. The type of endeavor doesn’t matter. Ability & desire to push to win does. Winning matters a lot more than a good school.
4+ years of digital marketing experience. Less is more if you paid your way through college doing this stuff or can otherwise convince us that you’ve mastered both the big-picture stuff and the granular details of digital marketing.
Investment banking level modeling & analytics skills. If you are not there, tell us how you will get there. As you know, analytics matters, and we don’t have a separate department doing that.
Experience managing vendors & partners effectively. That’s a polite way of saying: you know who to talk to and how to get a deal.
Comfort with technology – we are a technology company, and you need to be able to explain what you need to tech people. If you can explain things well, your projects will always get in front of the line.
You are an entrepreneur by nature. The word means a lot. You are a dreamer. You are a doer. You would rather try and fail than not try at all. You don’t sit around waiting for directions. You always have your own opinion. The list goes on, but we spot them when they walk in the door.
You have a favorite place where you book travel, and can tell us why you book there. There are no right or wrong answers.
You like the travel industry – note that this is very different from liking travel. We will ask you to explain the difference between an OTA, a TMC, a GDS, and a meta-search and you are either already familiar with the industry or have read up enough before the interview to have an intelligent discussion.
We offer a lot:

• A unique opportunity to play an integral role in building a consumer travel brand. We are developing technologies that can flip a trillion dollar industry on its head. You heard it right. A trillion. You have to enjoy being in a very crowded space though 
• You will be joining a very well funded start-up very early on. Not on the ground floor, but we are building a skyscraper – you’ll do very well.
• We offer a good salary. Google & Facebook pay better, but you don’t want to be at Google or Facebook. You want to blaze your own trail, not follow in someone else’s footsteps. You want to join before the IPO. Way before the IPO.
• Getting to work is easy – we are next door to Caltrain – literally next door – you can see the train numbers from the roof. We are a few blocks from BART. Many of us bike to work. If you don’t bike, we offer monthly commuter / parking expense reimbursement. If you do bike, we take care of your bike.
• We want you to stay fit. Membership at the San Francisco Tennis Club is deeply subsidized – it’s a block away, so there is no excuse. Literally a block away. There are tennis balls on the roof. You can also bike to the Bay Club if you like yoga and swimming better than tennis.
• We feed you well. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snacks. All organic, no MSG. If you don’t like organic, that’s OK too, we’ll get you a separate bunch of oranges. Pesticides are cheaper, and we are a frugal bunch.
• Vacation is unlimited. Deliver outstanding results, and you get to do it from Hawaii or Mt. Everest, your call.
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