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Marketing Content Strategist - Intern

at Carhoots in Texas 78704   —   Jul 16, 2014   |  
UK HeadquartersTeam Carhoots at Tough MudderTeam Carhoots at Tough Mudder 2US Office @ The Capital Factory - Austin, TX
HEY MILLENNIALS - Come and write for the startup aiming to become the Shopify for subscription e-commerce.

Investor backed, Subbly empowers businesses of all sizes to set up and manage their own subscription box business. You've heard of Birchbox, Dollar Shave Club and the rest right? Well, we make it easy to set up your own subscription box business in just 5 minutes. No technical skills required, online in minutes and it's free to setup (Yeo, you read that right).

Our vision is to become the Shopify for subscription commerce and we're growing quickly... and fast.

We're looking for a thrill seekers and adventurers who just 'gets' startup life, or is at least prepared to embark on the roller-coaster of a ride being involved in a start-up entails. It's an exciting adventure, with a high level of uncertainty and unknown, but that's what makes it great... endless opportunities to be a part of something BIG. Need we say more?

We British so we're painfully honest and straight talking ... so lets manage a few expectations before we continue. Heres the deal:

- We have offices all over the globe in the UK and USA (well actually we have 2 bedrooms where our founders work from, one in the USA and one in the UK)
- The internship is unpaid. Where not dangling carrots in front of you with the promise of permanent position because we're a startup remember? We will and always do say this however... work with us, add value and make it impossible for us NOT to hire you. If you do a better job than the founders, then you'll replace the founders. Simple. Equity and all.

Still interested? Here's a heads up on what you'll be working on...


We're a startup remember? You ain't sitting in a corner by the photocopier in a suit and tie receiving demands from a jumped up corporate douche bag. You're here to learn. You'll be taking ownership and working with the founders on a content marketing strategy from scratch, educating the world on subscription commerce, managing the Subbly blog, social communities, SEO, PPC, the works! What we encourage more than anything? Annoy the hell out of the founders with ideas.

You'll be home based... but we use Squiggle to recreate the open office culture.

All we ask for

- Just get sh*t done
- Take ownership - we don't have time to mollycoddle, it's sink or swim!)
- Work smart
- Hustle

Preferred but not essential:

- Business/Journalism experience
- All that corporate, well polished attitude and professional stuff.

Got what it takes? Well, if you've got this far there's a strong chance you like our philosophy and think you'd fit in with our culture, so get in touch and tell us your answers to the following:

- If we asked you to be a sponge, what do we mean?
- How often do you wash your hands and why?
- Tell us 3 things we don't know about you. (no generic corporate answers please!)
Create unique, fun, relevant and engaging content that resonates with our target audience.
Focus on content strategy and social media efforts
Stay up-to-date with latest news, trends.
Always maintain a 'hustler' attitude.
Treat every day as an opportunity to learn.
Qualifications in Business writing: English etc preferable but not essential.
If you have a passion for writing but no qualifications, get in touch... you're probably an unearthed diamond!
social media, writing, blogs, communities,
Marketing, business or English
This is currently an unpaid internship position but opportunities will be available in the near future as we grow... Help us get there and you'll be rewarded with potential paid positions and equity options.
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