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Mobile Engineer

at MOBshop in Menlo Park, CA   —   Jul 03, 2014   |  
MOBshop is looking for a Mobile Engineer who combines a passion for technology with insight into how it is changing our world.
Design and implement client code for location-based services on smart phones.
Coordinate with server-side engineers to design efficient, flexible APIs.
At least two years' experience writing software for major mobile platforms (iPhone, RIM, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, etc.).
iPhone development experience, with applications in the app store.
Experience with location-based services, GPS, etc. preferred.
Experience with multiple mobile platforms preferred.
Guru of all things mobile. You are the one everyone comes to for advice about Objective C or how to get the physics of the accelerometer right. You care about these devices, so you have written code for all of the major platforms, even though you didn't really have to.
Some of your projects have been used by a lot of people. Since you love to play around with mobile toys in your free time, some may have been used only by you.
You know when data should be stored locally and how to do it, and you understand when a server is needed, how to talk to it, and perhaps most important how to design the interfaces to do so.
You have written code for interacting with the analog world - GPS, accelerometer, voice analysis, imaging, magnetometer, it doesn't really matter. The point is that you think about the way devices interact with the world we live in.
You have a deep understanding of how people want to use mobile technology, and what will and won't work. You have strong opinions on what is good or bad design, and you can pitch in wherever and however needed.
If you have experience with back-end web engineering, so much the better. It won't be your primary responsibility, but it's great perspective.
BSCS or better, or equivalent experience.
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