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Multimedia Content Analysis Engineer, Rare Opportunity, Start-up & TV

at ConnecTV in Emeryville, CA   —   Jul 14, 2014   |  
ConnecTV is a whole new way to watch TV - a free social TV app that lets you play along with friends LIVE on your laptop or tablet while you watch your favorite television show or sporting event. Here's how it works: Your TV is up there. Your ConnecTV app is down here on your second screen. ConnecTV identifies your show and instantly syncs on your tablet, PC or Mac so you can...hold viewing parties and chat with friends. Play games for prizes. And get more info and news about your favorite entertainment and sports stars. Sync… Share… Play..

ConnecTV is one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies in the Bay Area. We are solving the fundamental problems that viewers have been facing since the rise of social media: how can I talk about what I’m watching with my friends? How can I share an incredible moment I’ve just experienced with the people in my life that weren’t there to share it with me?

Our founders are well known in the technology, media and marketing world. Together they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure Connectv will be the winner in this space.
Members of the ConnecTV Signal Processing team will develop, maintain, and evaluate system software for real-time content identification and analysis, as well as occasional data mining efforts. Candidates take pride in their work, get along well with their colleagues, have strong implementation skills, creative problem solving aptitude, real-time audio and video signal processing skills, and knowledge of common analytical techniques for machine learning, object detection, and classification.
Typical work will involve designing and implementing solutions to problems involving real-time identification of audio visual content, as well as characterization of that content and identification of sounds and images within it. Design work and proofs-of concept maybe done in something like Matlab or Python, but implementation must be scalable, reliable, and high-performance, which usually implies C/C++.
Programming Languages:C/C++ (must have), Python/Perl/Ruby (useful), shell/bash (must have), statistical/analytical languages (R, Matlab/Octave, SAS -- must have at least one)
Analytical Techniques (as many as possible): machine learning, pattern recognition, content identification, object recognition, classification techniques, image analysis, auditory scene analysis, support vector machines (SVMs), Gaussian mixture models (GMMs), hidden Markov models (HMMs), independent or principal component analysis (ICA or PCA), non-negative matrix factorization, K-means.
Domain Experience (as much as possible): real-time audio and/or video signal processing, Linuxor Unix programming, Mac OS or Windows programming, long-running processes/daemons, object-oriented programming, TCP/UDP socket-based network programming,fault tolerant systems, highly-scalable systems, automated testing, concurrent programming.
Educational Experience: BS/BA or exceptional talent required, MS or post-graduate study in a relevant field preferred
Professional Experience: 3-5 years plus or equivalent with above qualities or exceptional talent required
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