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Objective-C Wizard Wanted.

at Musiqbox in Pasadena, CA   —   Mar 30, 2014   |  
In a world where album creation was pretty “meh,” two young individuals joined forces to create a super service. With their powers combined they became: Penseive , a crowdsourced event coverage site where users could add photos, videos and live streams to a single event timeline. But something was missing. A certain je ne sais quoi.

That something was a wizard. But not just any type of wizard. A special type of Wizard, an Objective - C Wizard.

More about the app (we've pivoted, musiqbox is our old site for doing this just for music):
When someone is at an event, then can take pictures, record video, or livestream what’s going on and add it to the event timeline. (Think Path but other people at an event can add content to it as well).

People using the app should be able to create public events that everyone can add to and private events that only friends can add to. We’ll also want to integrate #hashtags. Gotta be social, yo.
A good sense of humor.
A willingness to work hard for equity.
Passion for the product.
We’re looking for someone who can help us create this app with video/livestreaming functionality.
3+ Years Programming Experience in Objective-C for iPhone and iPad
You are really really good at developing for iPhone.
Hopefully something in Computer Science but if you're a self taught master mind that's cool too.
-Equity based off milestones completed. (Because we don’t have money...yet. Startup life amirite?)
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