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PHP/MySQL Ninja Wanted for Unique Media Exchange Startup!

at SwishFish in Austin, TX   —   Jul 11, 2014   |  
We are looking for someone who loves to create and make things happen! We have a vision for our product and want you to buy in to that, see our vision, and come up with your own thoughts additions/changes. We have the product, but have several changes and new features to add. Sloth-like tendencies are't wanted here, you must be quick, agile, creative like a ninja!

Ultimately, we are looking for someone who is interested in social-media sharing-P2P-e-commerce type projects. Currently our Platform is built on a LAMP stack. So we need someone who can maneuver around PHP and MySQL with ease. We have a complete vision and network of sites and verticals plan, and we need someone to take us from where are currently, forward.

We are trying to disrupt certain models that exist and are completely passionate about our mission. We hope you can get a sample of our vision and goals through this post and delve in by talking to us more if you're interested!

With technology today, working remotely is a definite possibility. The need for in person discussion and interaction is important, but depending on the situation/candidate - exceptions can be made. We are currently based in Texas. Houston and Austin is where we are based and those would both be great areas for in person interviews/meetings/working. If you are interested and NOT in these areas - Talk to us anyways!
Use PHP to build New features on SwishFish and possibly other sites within network
Make changes to current features
Discuss/Brainstorm ideas of changes/addition with the team
Correct/maintain/build new/existing MySQL databases
Depending on experience - use XML/AJAX/JavaScript when needed
Have experience with PHP and MySQL
Can Show us something cool you built!
Have experience with media or social companies or projects - Preferably
Self Sufficient
Passionate about making things happen
Be able to discuss ideas with the team clearly
Ethical - We want someone with morals and values
Communicate effectively - Either remotely via email/skype/ or in person
Creative - ability to think outside the box and work around issues that arrise
Able to fulfill deadlines
Ability to follow directions if given a task
Education can be important, but a CS degree is optional.

We are looking for someone who is talented no matter what age and passionate about what they do.

Self taught - Work experience - College - Freelance experience

Looking for a ninja who is talented and can learn on the fly if they dont know exactly how to do something.
This is a Start up. It is Self funded with the help from family. You must understand we aren't microsoft facebook or google who can afford to give you whatever you want.

We will Pay you - Do not worry. We are ethical/Fair/Moral.

Based on our expenses and current status we will create a compensation package for you that will combine a paycheck with equity shares of ownership of the company. Keep in mind these shares will accumulate but more than likely be through a vesting schedule. We cant give away ownership to someone who leaves in 2 months for example.

Start up hours to us mean whatever time it takes to get things done. At the moment a 8-5; 9-5 sort of situation is not necessary. Once things ramp up, hours will start to become more dedicated.
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