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PHP Web Developer

at Staff Me Up in Santa Monica, CA   —   Jul 09, 2014   |  
Staff Me Up (think "LinkedIn for Hollywood") is a fast-growing start-up that is changing the way employers use the internet to hire. We're the market leader in our niche; we've been lean and mean to date. But we have 50,000 users, we average 250 jobs posted per week, and we're revenue positive with plans for growth, so we need to hire a full-time developer to work with our lead developer immediately. Our lead developer (who is based in Atlanta) has built the site himself -- but there's way too much to do at this point, so we need you!
We'd like to find someone with a high degree of knowledge of object-oriented programming with PHP (including namespace support introduced in PHP 5.3), with at least 3 years of solid experience programming PHP.
You should have the ability to 'get around' comfortably in a Linux environment, command-line only. This includes using utilities such as grep, wget, sudo, and so on. Extreme proficiency and/or scripting knowledge isn't required.
We'd like you to have proficiency with MySQL, including ability to create and maintain properly indexed tables and foreign key relationships that make sense and are understandable and maintainable. You should have knowledge of an appropriate level of normalization for a database of 80+ tables requiring more reads than writes.
We'd like you to understand basic security requirements for a web server, including data sanitization and validation, XSS prevention, etc.
You need a strong knowledge of HTML (including HTML5) and CSS (including CSS3), and we'd like you to be comfortable, if not proficient, with jQuery and javascript in general.
Finally, we're looking for someone who has proficiency with, distributed VCS, specifically Git. This includes understanding: Push, pull, fetch, rebase, commit, merge, diff.
Our PHP Web Developer will be responsible for the full software development life cycle. The development stack is a standard LAMP stack, with PHP 5.3+ experience required. Candidates must have knowledge of the Zend Framework 2 (ZF2), as most projects utilize MVC from ZF2. Knowledge of Composer is a plus, but not required.
Design experience with Photoshop and/or Fireworks are a plus, but not required. Ability to implement a page from an image and create with HTML/CSS following a standard style guide is important.
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