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PR and Marketing Intern

at Activyst in 208 33rd St. Manhattan Beach CA 90266   —   Jun 24, 2014   |  
We create bold, functional athletic bags for women and fund girls' sports programs worldwide. We believe stronger girls make a stronger world. Here, watch this:

If you connected with this video and want to be part of the movement to help more girls be active and empowered please keep reading!

Last spring we launched our company on the crowdfunding site, Indiegogo:, and this summer we’re running our first line of bag production and preparing to officially launch online sales in the fall.

Internship Description: We like to dream big, and we want to find someone who does too! We're looking for 1-2 rockstar interns who can play an integral role as we get our company off the ground, and also learn (a ton!) in the progress.

You must be a fit for both start-up life and Activyst, which means:

-- A Go-Getter – embrace and anticipate the unpredictability of a start-up, and be willing to jump in. You want a challenge, and are proactive in finding ways you can help rather than reactive, waiting for someone to ask.

-- Organized - we’re talking: a list lover, excel savvy, inbox clearer, doesn’t-let-anything-fall-between-the-cracks kinda organized.

-- Excited to learn – this wouldn’t just be a resume filler – you are genuinely excited to soak in business, entrepreneurship, marketing, PR, advertising…the list and your opportunities are endless! If you don't know how to do something, you have no problem jumping on to google and getting creative to figure out how.

--Resilient - start-ups are awesome and lots of fun, but they are also tough and not always glamorous. We're cool and nice (if we do say so ourselves), but our primary focus is almost always on doing what is necessary to build this company. We need someone who can embrace that attitude, be willing to take leaps outside your comfort zone, and, in the event of setbacks, find solutions to help keep things moving forward.

--Outgoing – we are looking for someone to represent our company – someone who isn’t afraid of talking in front of people, someone who is fun, friendly, and eager but can also get down to business and take things seriously.

--Excited to Wear Many Hats - no job too big or too small. One day, you may be driving somewhere and talking to our bag producers. The next, you may be researching something totally new to you, making spreadsheets, and working on social media strategy. The next, you may be going to an event and speaking eloquently about the company.

--Timely - we get things done on time, show up on time, etc. With a small team and limited resources, time is our most valuable resource!

--Active - someone who is active (sports, yoga, running, whatever it is you love to do!) and understands the value of being active for one's happiness :)

--Fashion loving - you don't need to be a total fashionista, but you're up with most of the trends and get how a cute bag can make your day a little better :)

--Social media savvy - you use Facebook, follow other brands, and generally understand the value of social media in creating awareness. Bonus if you have a large social network, and also use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

If you would like to receive college credit, please provide us with all information needed so we can make that happen for you!

Other requirements:

--Working towards a college degree or recently graduated
--You will have your own form of transportation
--Have a portable computer
--Live in Los Angeles (even better if near the South Bay)
--Ideally, you can work full time
Working towards a college degree or recently graduated
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