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Salary35-40/YR USD
IndustryMobile, Web 2.0, Software, Database, Productivity
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PT/Sales Representative/Partner - Remote

at AMtoPM Creative in Puerto Rico   —   Jul 20, 2014   |  
AMtoPM Creative is a 2 person web design and development firm with extensive capabilities. We have made a decent living (about $70k/yr) from referral web design/development work, on a part time basis. We have never tried to promote, market or sell our services for the 4 years we've been in business. We are now ready to kick it up a few notches, so we can stay busy on web projects on a full time basis. We need a sales representative that is web savvy enough to sell our services which extend beyond basic brochure websites to database driven applications.

Whether we're working on referral work or a project you sold in, you get 1/3 of the revenue. We simply ask that you meet a reasonable monthly quota in order to profit share on our referral work. What has carried us so far is our quality of work, turnaround speed and our strong customer service attitude. As our third business partner, our sales representative would need to be as entrepreneurial and driven as we are. That being said, you can work on your own schedule, as long as you can deliver 1-2 small projects per month or 2-3 large contracts per year. Smaller projects are simple brochure websites that take 1-2 weeks for $3-5k. Large contracts are multi-month projects that typically involve a custom application for $20-30k. If you're confident and have the connections to sell in larger contracts, this would obviously be the most profitable route for you.

Our work style is laid back - we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We just want to make a decent living and enjoy the ride. Who's coming with us?!
Source leads
Connect with business owners and decision makers
Source RFPs
Create relationships with firms looking outsource web-work
Sell web-based software as a service
You network even when you're not trying
You can generate your own leads
You are resourceful and willing to cold call
You can communicate with us on a weekly basis
You are knowledgeable on current web technologies or you can learn quickly
Ideally, you already have a large professional network and access to RFPs
Bachelors or Equivalent Experience
This is a partnership opportunity. Essentially, this person would join as 1/3 partner contingent on certain requirements as described in the overview.
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