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FundingLess than 250K USD
IndustryHardware, Consumer, E-commerce
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Personal Assistant | Customer Service Rep. | Consigliere at Consumer Packaged Goods Startup

at VIAHART in CT   —   Jul 09, 2014   |  
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Personal Assistant | Customer Service Rep. | Consigliere

Description of our company:
- Manufactures various consumer products mostly overseas.
- We make sporting goods, toys, novelties, and apparel.
- Our customers are largely retail chains.
- We are currently based in Stamford, CT
- On August 1st, 2013, we will be based in NYC.
- You will be our 4th employee. We have a manager in China, a manager here in the U.S., and temporary people moving in and out.
Company culture:
- Honest and direct. When I'm wrong I'll expect you to tell me. This goes both ways.
- Results-oriented.
- I just skimmed this: - this is the closest thing I found on that page to our company culture: Achievement: completing a task successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill (pursue a standard of excellence) (explore alternatives before acting) - Based on the need to attain high-quality results on challenging projects, the belief that outcomes are linked to one's effort rather than chance and the tendency to personally set challenging yet realistic goals. People high in this style think ahead and plan, explore alternatives before acting and learn from their mistakes.

Benefits to the job beyond salary
- You will develop new skills and advance your career.
- You can see and learn what it takes to run a small but growing international business.

To apply for this job:
- Tell me something about yourself or experience which you think will be valuable to the company
- Attach a resume
- Tell me why this job interests you.
Answer our company phone
Call our customers and ask them "how's it going?"
Sell our customers on the products we make. Sometimes sell new customers on the products we make.
Google random stuff for me. Such as "Hey person I just hired, we need X. Get me a bunch of quotations/options for X and tell me which has the best value across the following metrics..." To give you a more concrete example: we are in the process of making some new brochures. I'll provide you with the design. You provide me with a bunch of printing companies which can make said brochure. I will need to know which has the best pricing and reasonable lead-time without a sacrifice in quality.
Make a box. Put a label on a box. Ship a box. If I can do it, you can too.
Accounts Receivable.
Accounting. Inventory Tracking.
You have to run the show when I'm on a business trip.
Make sure I don't miss appointments.
Give me GOOD advice. Tell me when I'm wrong.
Answer and write random e-mails.
Travel and staff domestic and international trade shows.
Attention to detail. If you don't have good attention to detail. Don't apply. Seriously, don't.
Search engine skills. If you can't use google well, don't apply.
You have to be good at acquiring new information and learning new skills. Your tasks will be varied. They will change from day to day and you will research and do things which you've never done before. If that's not your strong suit, don't apply.
You have to be damn smart. The more you improve our company's deficiencies the better.
Excel and Microsoft office basic skills are a must. It's 2013.
I don't think education is that important. I'd just rather you be smart, hardworking, and ambitious.
Competitive, negotiable, and in line with the value you will bring to the company.
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