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Problem Solver(s) 2-3

at Planets Choice in Canada   —   Jul 14, 2014   |  
Planets Choice is a start-up with a heavy social media approach with a few twists, specifically a product, combined with a unique and original service. We are looking for people that by either education or experience or both, knows exactly what we need to succeed and you understand what you can bring to the table.

At this stage, on these boards, there is not much I've been allowed to say, other than;

-Fun, rewarding, appealing to all generations with a next generation theme and approach. And that's just for those that utilize the PC product and service.
Social Media
Online Marketing and Cross Platform builder (Firefox, Mozilla etc.)
Sales Manager
Main programming language skills (CSS, PHP, etc.)
Production and or Distribution Manager
Creative and inspirational content Writer(s)
Anything you know that I currently do not
Educated Individuals (We will take you right out of high school if you are "that" person that can help the team reach it's goals.
Experienced Individuals (With exception of miserable or naturally grouchy people, should have an affinity for odd cubicle items.)
Any skill you believe that you have that we don't and need, can get you into this start-up.
Any, except for the school of hard knocks. If you are self taught, don't be shy, we have mentors and we can learn together.
Planets Choice is actively seeking out funding sources and anyone that is on the team before funding arrives is on the executive team and will not be replaced ever, short of treason or eating others lunch from the fridge.

How this can work out between you and Planets Choice.

1) Believe we are worthy of your time and attention. Sign a non disclosure agreement.
2) Think about what we are trying to do and how it is worthy of your time and attention.
3) Tell us what you can do for the team and what equity / long term compensation you want in return.
4) Accept the terms and or renegotiate our counter offer.
5) Sign contracts.
6) PC guarantees your chosen accountant access to the PC books at anytime to ensure your contract guarantee is on the horizon.

Right now, the ball really is in your court. You will probably have a hundred or more options to chose from and 99% of those options we are sure are going to come with a sign up bonus and or serious wages. But if you also know your industry, this is just one contract within a soon to be long lines of contracts.

Join the team, become family, rewards and benefits will follow for a lifetime!

Preference will be given to those that need to support a family as two of the three current execs are happily married men with young kids. (<----READS responsible, long term thinking, family oriented people are on this end of the screen.)

Expectation of work from you is approximately 8-10 hours a week until financing and then a full time commitment with two weeks notice.
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