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Product Development Manager - New business development

at affresh cleaners in Benton Harbor, MI   —   Jul 11, 2014   |  
Hey, so what are you doing right now?

We understand that could be a loaded question; it’s supposed to be. And it's a genuinely important question. This is a big job, and we gotta make sure your head is in the game.

So we're looking for someone to help develop an emerging international brand.

Sounds pretty straight forward, right?

No, not right. Obviously not right, or we wouldn't have positioned the question that way.

Anyway back to the important stuff: what you're doing. You’ve experience creating products for large, well known CPG organizations and let’s face it, you’ve realized that it really isn’t product development in that environment, it’s project management for someone else’s idea. But you have always looked at the world a bit differently, saw opportunities that other people have missed and often tried to address those spaces with new ideas. Sometimes landing a success, sometimes only walking away with a lot more learning than when you started.

But now you want something different, you want more.

You want to own the development of products from idea all the way to market. And this is where we come in. We’re jones'n for someone who wants to take that killer growth attitude and combine it with everyday roll up your sleeves, “gotta get it done cause if I don’t, no one will,” execution. Someone who understands the complexities of marketing, sales, and business development in a high growth consumer package goods business while executing these disciplines in a large bureaucratic organization. Take all this, while remaining deeply connected to your creative, artistic, and entrepreneurial roots.

This CPG brand is our corporation’s first real attempt to seriously enter the chemistry consumables space. The main horse is an appliance cleaner that is in direct competition with one of the world’s strongest brands. We have distribution into Walmart, Target, Kroger, Lowe’s, Home Depot, to name afew. And we have recently introduced 4 additional products to increase brand awareness.

We are purely a grass roots brand and product development organization. Our job is to identify a consumer need in the home cleaning space, investigate it, see how the problem could be solved, and then solve it. We live innovation every day.
Ability to work on multiple projects, ideas, concepts and activities (yeah, even sometimes the “why on Earth do I have to do this with the education that I have…), while balancing all the plates in the air with new ones added all the time.
Manage cross-functional, internal and external teams… let’s face it, you are the boss of your responsibilities and the buck starts and stops with you.
Comfortable with independent, rapid fire decision making with a “never say die” attitude.
And then you have to be able to live with the consequences of your decisions
Someone who values autonomy with accountability more than daily visibility.
Face it, you want to be a part of a team that is REALLY running an emerging CPG brand.
Product Development Management - Number one, and bold, not by accident. This is a huge deal for our brand. We have a hatred for residue build-up. Residue? Yeah, the stuff that happens every day around our consumer’s home. Cooking, cleaning, storing food, preparing food. All of these activities in the life of our consumer will create residue. Fingerprints, soap scum, that stuff that was nuked in the microwave weeks ago and now looks like a sun burnt cousin of the “blob”. And our brand is all about finding soultions for consumer to help remove that residue.
Chemistry testing / marketing claims
Product durability engineering testing
Strategic marketplace product integration
Legal collaboration
Safety collaboration
Int’l regulatory requirements
Package Development (Structure, Delivery mechanism, labels)
Manufacturing collaboration / Procurement
You'll be one of a very few leaders within the company for this brand. You'll find your role will shift and grow from time to time, but at the end of the day, you'll leave the office super pumped about what you're working on and itching to get back into it.
You're a super strong thought leader, who wants to develop their leadership position. You are a partner in this business, and we need you to help grow this unit together.
• You're a passionate and well received communicator.
• You're all about the details.
• You take risks and fight incessantly for what you believe in.
• You have experience in consumer products and like creating new products to meet unmet consumer needs
• You eat your work for breakfast and lunch, but like to party during dinner.
• You've done advertising / marketing and know what it means to build a brand without dollars for traditional media.
• You have a strong bias toward action.
• You respect brand / creative work.
• You have had big company experience but want to get into something special early, and make your mark.
• You're a tangible product person. You like 'things' and telling the story of how things make life better for the people who use them.
• You're known to be agile and can roll with the punches (“bend but not break” is our motto).
High risk, high reward... up for the challenge?
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