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Salary50,000-70,000/YR CAD
IndustryP2P, Web 2.0, Software, Consumer, Social Networking
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Rail Dev Jobs, Education Software, Full-time, 4-6k/month (local)

at Notesolution Inc. in Canada   —   Jul 15, 2014   |  
Whom — We're a web-startup focused only on online educational software.
Where — We're located in downtown Toronto, 1 minute walk from King station.
When — We want to employ someone immediately.
Term — We want a full-time hire. We run a 1 month test period to see if you're a good fit before signing you onto a 1 year contract.
Funding — We're privately funded. We aren't bootstrapping.
Our Size — 8 full-timers, 3 part-timers, (only 2 devs on the team currently)
Attire — Business casual or just plain casual.
Operation — Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm EST, Lunchtime and breaks when you decide.
Web Server Frameworks: Ruby on Rails
Web Client Frameworks: Backbone, Knockout, Ember, Coffeescript
Javascript: Utility Libraries JQuery, Underscore
Database Design: Mysql (RDBMS), Redis (key value store), Complex SQL
Graphics Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, Responsive Design
Workflow: Vim, Ack, Grep, OSX
Design Patterns: MVC, Gang of Four
Templating Stuff: Haml, Sass, Compass, Mustache, Rabl
Queueing: RabbitMQ, Resque
Repositories: Git, Gitx, Github
Asynchronous Apps: Websockets, Pusher, EventMachine
Server Deployment: Capistrano
Server Protection: DDOS Mitigation, SQL Injections, XSS
SSL Certificates SSL Chains
Server Provisioning Chef, Puppet, Shell scripts
Web Servers: Ngnix, Apache, Unicorn, Haproxy
Optimization: Memcache, Sprite images
Metrics: KISSmetrics, generating D3 charts, MixPanel
Server Monitoring: Monit, Munin, Nagios, New Relic
Unix Stuff: cron tabs, ssh, scp, permissions, daemons
Web Services: Amazon S3, Amazon Cloudfront, Rackspace
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