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IndustryAdvertising, Social Networking
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Referral Agent

at Solid Success Promotions in Irving, TX   —   Jul 11, 2014   |  
There are a few guarantees in life, but Solid Success Promotions has an amazing one for you! Participate in 3-5 simple trial offers with ZipNadaZilch for 30 days, cancel if you wish to. Start earning income tomorrow. That's right! Once you sign up for your trial offers, you will have your very own referral link activated. Refer others to complete the same steps as you, and earn $60-$80 per referral. This is not going to make you rich by any means. What if you could generate enough income to pay your phone bill, or your electricity bill? Wouldn't that be rewarding enough? Take it a step further. Yes, once you start earning, you will get the urge to earn more money. Maybe you want to pay a car note or a house note. The opportunity is there! Earn up to $500 or more a month. You decide! Once you finish your few offers, you will never be asked to participate in offers again. How great is that?

ZipNadaZilch is an affiliate to companies such as DirecTV, Equifax, Best Buy, and many more Fortune 500 companies. ZipNadaZilch is an incentive website that represents these major companies that are offering the latest and greatest products and services. By participating in their website and referring others to try out their services, you have an opportunity to generate income. Get started right away!

Where does the money come from and why do you get paid? Well in this case, this is a type of advertising based on the CPA payment method. (Cost Per Acquisition) This is where a website will run an advertiser's banner for free but gets paid for any registration or sale that is generated by someone clicking on that particular banner.

In turn the website or ZNZ gives you a percentage of any payment that is made to them. You can call it a referral fee or a finder's fee. That's how people like you are making money on the internet today.
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