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Request for Proposal on SCM / PM tools

at Daily Source Limited in Shhhh...   —   Jul 05, 2014   |  
We're a nonprofit organization that needs to set up some development process tools including SCM-related tools, a documentation tool and a project management tool. We are using a PM and SCM tool now, but we need more features for a sizable new project we're going to be working on for the next two years. We're open to considering different tools to meet our aims.

We expect we will need to do a good amount of customization of whatever tools we use, so we expect the project of setting them up and customizing them will be over 80 hours of work. If a tool is open source such as Redmine, we probably will have one or more plug-ins written to do what we need it to do.

If you are knowledgeable about website development process tools and are interested in making a proposal, please email us at proposals (at) dailysource (dot) org, and we will send you the details. By development process tools, we mean tools that are useful in the process of developing websites and web applications.

If the person we hire to do this does a strong job, we will consider them for long-term website development work when we next hire for that in the next two months. That said, if you're strong on implementing development-related tools, but are not looking for long-term work, we are very open to considering you for this phase of work.

This is the project the tools will be set up for. It's going to be a series of websites and apps to generate support for the people in the world in the greatest need, especially the 2 billion extremely poor in Africa, Asia and Latin America who are trying to live on less than $2 a day:

Check out the innovative World Wealth Calculator,, which the top economist at the World Bank volunteered to help us create. Here are some other pre-beta sites in the works:, and We're not linking to our best 10 tools because we want to keep them under the wraps until they're launched.

We are very excited about this project and have received an extremely positive response to it so far. While we are on a somewhat small budget at the moment, we expect the sites will eventually have hundreds of thousands of users because we are going to let all nonprofits that help the poorest half of the world use our apps and widgets for free . Amnesty International has 2.5 million members, Oxfam has 225,000, and the Red Cross has 90 million volunteers and members.

There are thousands of nonprofits ready to help the poor, and plenty of people ready to apply to work for them. The only thing lacking is donations. That's why our focus is on free tools for them to raise awareness and raise funds for their work.

If you are not currently available for this project and have someone you'd recommend for it, please do so and we will contact them.

Best regards,

Rachel Wright
Tech Manager
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