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Ruby On Rails Programmer

at Crankset Group in CO   —   Apr 03, 2014   |  
Crankset Group Office
Ruby on Rails Programming. Be an architect, not just a programmer. Enjoy the challenge of building something from scratch. Be a minimalist.
Develop websites, maintain websites. See some of our existing websites -,,,
Next project
Develop a book sales website using the programming from our existing book sales website to build the new site. See - we already have the back end eCommerce platform that would plug into the new book site as well. The new site will mirror the old book site fairly closely, including a downloadable toolkit similar to the one on the existing book site. To be completed asap - (July 15?)
FYI - in the future, we intend to build a suite of applications like for small business owners. We would be looking for someone who could handle building complex applications similar to this one.
Great experience building great Ruby On Rails based websites using a minimalist approach.
Ruby On Rails Expert
You Must Rock
Architects mind, not a programmer's mind. If you're not sure, please don't apply
Know other Stuff that goes with Ruby On Rails
In the next future (a year from now? earlier?) we will be developing a full suite of small business owner toolks called BOSS (Busines Owner's Toolkit). See as one live example. There will be 8-11 similar applications as part of BOSS.
You must be able to handle a few hours a month of boring maintenance and architecting new sites.
Ruby on Rails expertise - school of hard knocks
If you went to college, that's okay, but we're suspcious
If you got an MBA, that's a yellow flag
If you talk about your education like it's something we should consider in hiring you, we probably wont'.
We're looking for a part-time contractor to begin with, very few hours per month to start. If we like you and you grow on us, we'll give you more work. In the next year we anticipate bringing on at least one full-time RoR person. Right now we're developing a book site (for our next book release - like - that will be a test project for an RoR person we select. Compensation will not be high to begin with, but will be enough to motivate someone, along with a great deal of future programming. When we find the right person, they will well compensated.
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